Zeftron Nylon – Quality, Style and Responsibility.

At every interaction, Zeftron nylon delivers more value-added opportunities and advantages through dedicated partnerships, a premium commercial carpet fiber product and superior service.

metal edge carpet is made with zeftron nylon fibers

Metal Edge (shown above) is available in seven complementary colors: Corrugated, Leaden, Gunmetal, Core, Foundry, Chain Mail and Plow.

For more than 40 years, Zeftron® nylon has continued to deliver more value-added opportunities and advantages to the commercial interiors marketplace through dedicated partnerships, a premium branded nylon 6 product and superior service. Based in Dalton, Ga.

The brand brings a history of innovations in exceptional quality, unparalleled style and environmental responsibility. Zeftron nylon is part of Shaw Industries Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company. “We are pleased we could put Zeftron’s unmatched styling versatility and rich color palette to perfect utilization for these two new products,” said Zeftron nylon Business Leader Tim Blount. “Bloomsburg’s ability to create innovative, stylish and performance driven products makes partnering with them a pleasure.”

Metal Edge, made by Zeftron partner and American Carpet Manufacturer Bloomsburg Carpet Industries, is luxurious, classic, enduring and weighted. Metal edge is available in seven complementary colors: Corrugated, Leaden, Gunmetal, Core, Foundry, Chain Mail and Plow.



Zeftron 6ix Fibers were used in the St. Petersburg Airport Carpeting pictured above.

Zeftron nylon products helped establish an invaluable standard: the industry’s first comprehensive Performance Certification program for commercial carpet. It required carpet manufacturers to submit samples of each and every style of carpet being constructed with Zeftron nylon yarn for testing. In the process, it gave carpet specifiers and end users a reliable guide for choosing the right carpet – one backed by Zeftron nylon’s unparalleled warranty program. This standard provided assurance that their chosen carpet would provide exceptional performance over the years.


Zeftron maintains a vibrant 105 color pallet of eviro6ix fibers. Each year Zeftron surveys industry professionals for feedback on what colors to include or retire. Vibrant, color rich pallets like those provided by Zeftron enable partners like Bloomsburg to make a design statement with every product!


They’re green too – Zeftron nylon’s 6ix Again carpet recycling program, an industry first, allows all types of used commercial carpet can be delivered to a network of collection centers across the U.S. After being sorted by the collection centers, each piece of waste carpet is put on a separate path – some will remain in the 6ix Again program to be recycled into new nylon 6 carpet yarn, while others that do not qualify to remain in the 6ix Again program will be repurposed into lower value nylon products or sent to waste to energy facilities.

Zeftron has featured Metal Edge Carpet by Bloomsburg on their own product blog, as well as their facebook page.  Zeftron® Nylon Performance Warranties ensure you are getting the best product in your high-traffic commercial end use carpet. Choosing carpet manufactured by Bloomsburg Carpet Industries guarantees it’s carpet made in the USA.


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