Why select carpet over other flooring?

When a room is carpeted, you welcome not only your guests, but yourself to stay and relax.

american-made-carpet-1Carpeting is the perfect flooring for just about every room. Carpets provide warmth and insulation. In bedrooms, family rooms, children’s play rooms anywhere you spent a good deal of time.




• Carpet not only insulates your space from the cold but from noise as well.
• In large rooms spaces can seem cavernous and echo. The added surface area carpets provide quiet large spaces and make the seem cozy, luxurious and welcoming.
• Carpet hides and keeps dust and dirt in place so it is easy to vacuum right up!  (No dust bunnies wanted!)

Whatever the purpose of your space, Bloomsburg has the carpet for you.  These American made nylon carpets are hard wearing stain resistant, or you may select high quality long wearing wool carpet for quiet retreat areas. Whatever your need Bloomsburg Carpet has the has the right carpet for you.

As with any flooring you’ll want to see the carpet in the room that’s intended for. The lighting in our dealer’s showrooms will be very different than that your home or office. Everything in your room can affect the a carpet looks. BCI carpets are not just luxurious they are long wearing and  you’ll want to make sure the carpet you select is the perfect choice for you.

It’s easy to get samples: visit one of Bloomsburg Carpet’s dealers today, or register online and order carpet samples from bloomsburgcarpet.com

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