What’s Your Style? Finding the Right Bloomsburg Carpet

Selecting carpet can be an overwhelming process, but here at Bloomsburg Carpet we want to make the process as easy and fun as possible. When you visit the Product Search page on our website, you’ll be able to search by color, pattern, weave, brand, texture, and yarn to filter through nearly 800 carpet images. Don’t know the difference between our weaves, textures, and brands? Let us simplify it for you.




Axminster: Gripper-Jacquard Axminster looms provide color flexibility of up to 12 colors, which makes it one the best options for hotels and hospitality contract carpeting. At Bloomsburg Carpet we can make unlimited design pattern choices.




Velvet: The Single and Double Beam looms simplicity allows for some of our most time tested and beautiful products. A Single Beam loom generally is used for making solid-colored carpets, while a Double Beam loom allows for more color and pattern versatility.




Wilton: The Wilton Weave construction is the most versatile & unique weave structure.  Bloomsburg produces Wilton Weaves in a variety of pitch densities with unlimited design options!




We use cut, loop, and cut & loop textures in our carpets. To learn more, check out our recent blog post.


The five brands of our carpet are Tuva, Silver Creek, Lisa Slayman Design Associates, Carla Weisburg Collections, and our own custom crafted Bloomsburg carpets.

Tuva carpets are renowned for their unique weaving pattern of face & back as one.  Colors, textures & patterns are conceived to work together creating refined juxtapositions & seamless transitions.

Silver Creek is regarded as a leader in the textile industry.  Itss fine products begin with wool, one of nature’s gifts that addresses the ever-increasing need for respect of our global environment.

Slayman Design Associates is known for using top-quality materials, attention to detail, and personalized service. SDA custom creations reflect the individual character, lifestyle, and needs of clients.

Carla Weisburg designs and produces custom surface patterns  in collaboration with architects, interior designers, manufacturers and mills. She approaches design by focusing on her clients, their needs and the parameters of each individual project, treating each one as a unique opportunity.

Don’t forget that the majority of Bloomsburg carpets are certified GREEN LABEL PLUS CARPETS, the highest standard for indoor air quality!


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