What happens to your old carpet?

When replacing your old worn out carpets with new luxury carpeting from Bloomsburg Carpet what will you do with that old carpet?


Landfills were not designed to house durable goods like wool and synthetic carpeting. Carpet now contains more reuseable materials than ever before. The time has never been better to start recycling.





Some states like California have begun taxing the disposal of carpet to encourage consumer recycling and promote new start up businesses.  What was once a very difficult task, is now as easy as asking your professional carpet installer or reseller where to recycle your used carpet.


Bloomsburg Carpet is dedicated to creating sustainable quality carpets made in the USA by using not only post consumer eco-friendly Zeftron Nylons, but renewable wool fibers in their high-end commercial and residential carpets. This American carpet manufacturer employs experienced craftsmen whose dedication to traditional carpet weaving techniques ensures that Bloomsburg Carpeting will last a lifetime.

There are a number of other products made with post-consumer carpeting:

  • Carpet
  • Carpet padding
  • Storm water management systems
  • Plastic wood composites
  • Synthetic erosion Control products
  • Automobile parts


When it comes to disposing of old carpeting, he need to change our old habits is clear.  American’s have to change the way we go about disposing of carpet and padding if we are going to stop taxing our already over-full land fills.

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