What Factors Make A Carpet Ideal For Installation on Stairs?

There's more to consider when choosing stairway carpet than you thought.

There's nothing like the luxury of carpeting on a staircase. Not only does it give the stairwell a finished look, it's also more comfortable underfoot and, if you choose wisely, it makes the stairs safer as well. Hard flooring, on the other hand, can be slippery, and if you fall on the stairs, the hard surface offers nothing to cushion your fall.

So choosing a carpet for your stairs is important not just in terms of looks, but from a safety standpoint too, but only if you choose the correct type of carpeting …

Thicker Does Not Mean Better

Thick, plush carpeting is wonderful to step on when getting out of bed, especially if it happens to be a chilly morning. But like anything else, it's got its place and also limitations when it comes to its performance on a staircase. A too-thick carpet is difficult to wrap tightly around the front edge — called the nose — of each step. Because it doesn't wrap tightly around the nose of the step, it has the effect of acting like a ramp when your foot hits it, increasing the odds of slipping and falling. Using a tighter weave eliminates this problem.

Bloomsburg Carpet Runner: Sollozo in Nickel

Durable = Long-Lasting

Because stairs get more foot traffic than anywhere else in the home, be sure to choose the highest grade your budget allows, in the style that you like. It's not just the traffic issue that necessitates a durable carpet on the stairs, it's the fact that they take more abuse because gravity adds to the force of your feet each time you go down them.

Carpet for Stairway

Carpet for Stairway

Look for Good Soil Resistance

Because stairs are so frequently used, they're subjected to more dirt and debris from the soles of your shoes than other areas. Even if you're barefoot when you use them, the oils from the bottoms of your feet can, over time, create a soiled area along the center of each stair.

When it comes to choosing carpeting for your staircase, you can see that choosing a style and a color or pattern are secondary to making sure the carpet you choose will install snugly, thereby increasing safety, and that whatever you choose can ultimately stand up to the abuse of lots and lots of trips up and down the stairs by everyone in the family every day for years to come!

Bloomsburg Carpets have covered the floors of countless stairways, not to mention high end custom carpet installations in prestigious hotels, airports, the United States Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court, as well as countless other historic buildings!  

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