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Understanding Texture with Bloomsburg Carpet

There are many different types of textures in carpeting. Learn about the stunning textures Bloomsburg Carpet provides

BLOOMSBURG CARPET TEXTUREBloomsburg Carpet is a high-end carpet manufacturer serving commercial and residential clients across the country.  All products are made right here in the U.S.A in beautiful Bloomsburg, PA.  At Bloomsburg Carpet, there are three different types of textures the mill creates. 

Bloomsburg’s looms create thousands of small loops that are woven through a backing material such as jute.  Here are definitions for the type of textures Bloomsburg provides:

Cut – Refers to loops being “cut” at the same height to create a soft, plush pile.

Shimmer  Bloomsburg CarpetLoopRefers to the original construction of the loops.  Bloomsburg Carpet does have variations of this to create different textures, such an over wire.  TESSIO is an example of an over-wire construction – you can notice the white loops are twice the length of the black loops.

Cut&Loop Combines cut pile and loop pile construction.  Bloomsburg Carpet has many variations of this – from patterns where only the actual pattern is cut pile and the ground of the carpet is loop to our Wool Shear Wrap (see Wool Shear Wrap) which is a tufted random tip shear style where only the highest loops are sheared off to create a natural, random cut/loop.  Shimmer is a Velvet construction of cut pile wool yarn and loop nylon (see SHIMMER AT LEFT).

Lisa Sayman's Oz from Carpet Manufacturer Bloomsburg CarpetWe also have Lisa Slayman’s Oz pattern, which is an extremely intricate variation of Cut & Loop (AT LEFT, OZ).  In Oz, the ground is comprised of a 100% wool cut/loop pattern and an additional cut pattern is done in a viscose yarn (the circles).

Take a look and search different textures on our Product Search page to see the many styles of texture we sell for both commercial and residential spaces.

If you have any questions, please leave a message on our Facebook page HERE or CONTACT US! If you want to know even more, HERE is a great reference on construction diagrams from The Carpet & Rug Institute.


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