Top Ten Questions For Carpet Installers

Carpet installation prices vary widely but you can figure the highest prices are in the Northeast and Pacific Northwest.

high-end-carpet-installation-quesitonsAnyone in the process of purchasing new carpet should call around and talk to several area installers to get an idea of the going rates. Don’t forget to ask about additional installation charges and fees for stairs or threshold installation and materials. Installers should have at least 5 years experience in a similar environment (home, commercial, apartment, public spaces, etc…) Any contractor invited into your home should always be fully licensed, insured and bonded whether the local government requires it or not.


When properly installed and maintained, high quality residential and commercial carpets like those manufactured in America by Bloomsburg Carpet Industries, last a lifetime.

  1. Are you licensed bonded and insured? Many states now require contractor certification. Even if your state does not require a license, always hire an installer that is bonded and insured.
  2. What is your state issued registration number? You can call the state and verify the status of any contractors license number and see if there been any fun complaints filed against the installer period
  3. How long have you been installing carpet?  Always ask for contractor references and require at least five years experience.
  4. What type of experience do you have? Apartment work, new construction, custom homes, or remodeling? Hire someone who is experienced in doing your type of work!
  5. Do you use a power stretcher? Good installers always use the power structure to install carpet properly.
  6. How much do you charge per yard? The installer should ask you a few questions to determine the proper charge. Some carpets are more expensive to install than others are, and there are usually extra charges for stairs, hauling away the old carpet, transitional model, furniture moving etc.
  7. How far in advance must I schedule you? Carpet installers like to have some advance notice, they also want to be sure that your carpet has arrived before they come to install it. They may deliver your carpet and pad for a small fee.
  8. Can you provide a few references? Ask for several jobs from similar to yours check references.
  9. Will you measure how much carpet I need?
  10. Do you charge for measuring? Many installers charge a fee for measuring how much carpet you need but will refund the charge if you have them install your carpet. Don’t trust a carpet sales person to measure how much carpet you need. You’d be wise to have an experienced installer measure and measure for you even if it cost you $25. Proper measuring and seeing placement is essential.
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