Top 5 Reasons to Replace Your Carpet

Why you should say goodbye to your carpet and try something new

Sometimes the thought of replacing carpet comes at a time when the owner of a home or commercial space just wants a new and updated look.  And while updating a space with new colors or a new design is definitely recommended, there are other reasons to consider.  Bloomsburg Carpet dishes up the dirty facts about old carpet for you here:

Why It’s Time to Say Goodbye…

1) If a stain on your carpet smells of mildew or mold – the best way to take care of the problem is to replace the carpet.  Keep others safe from health hazards and visitors from giving you the evil eye.

2) Carpet builds up a lot of dust, dirt and hair.  Even if you are fierce with the vacuum, every time you walk over or disturb the carpet, these particles are released into the air you, your family or employees breathe.  Also, if its been a few years where pets and kids have put a strain on your carpet, replace the carpet not only for aesthetic reasons but also for a healthier place for continued play.

3) Is there visible wear and tear from foot traffic?  If so, replace your carpet with new, durable carpet along with a pad to better insulate your home and absorb shock to the soles of the feet.

4) Looking to sell your home soon?  If buyers visit your home and see the colors and patterns of your carpet are outdated, they might think other areas in your home are outdated as well.  As stated in a recent New York Times article, Jennifer Flanders, a New York interior designer, agrees about replacing the carpet: “I’ve done multimillion-dollar apartments with wall-to-wall carpeting in the bedroom,” she said. “I think it’s much more comfortable. It’s warm and inviting.”

5) In older homes if the carpet does not look new or it hasn’t been replaced in a while (if not ever), there could be a chance that it was made with harmful chemicals.  Formaldehyde has been reported to be present in some carpets.  New carpeting is worth the investment.

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