There’s no better feeling…

Modern corporate, retail & residential interiors will accommodate both rough and tough high traffic while remaining comfortable, warm and inviting.

relaxing-after-long-dayWhile hard floor surfaces, such as concrete, tiles and timber offer a clean, modern finish to interiors; the comfort, warmth and outright luxury offered by carpet guarantees everlasting favor.

There’s no better feeling for a man or woman than tossing off your shoes and sinking your toes into a luxurious woolen carpet after a long work day, or pacing across velvety soft flooring, deep in thought, while working on your next million dollar idea! And if you choose a high-end luxury carpet it will last, with proper maintenance , for many years.

Where you decide to lay your carpet will determine the style, color and texture you choose – taking into consideration the area’s use, your budget as well as your space’s purpose and furnishings. Advances in technology and creative design now mean there is a carpet to suit.  No matter if you’re looking to preserve the past, searching for an bright centerpiece or want to make a quiet room for study and meditation with a thick bold texture Bloomsburg Carpet, made in the USA, has the carpet for you.

Carpet Colors

Neutrals will always be safe, but a small dash of vivid carpet can have a big impact. In September we discussed the steady move away from neutrals in favor of more colorful carpeting options.

  • High-traffic areas, such as entries, foyers, hallways and stairs, require a strong, durable carpet in a forgiving color and pattern.
  • Rustic styling has had an influence on colors

Carpet Textures

  • Saxony – a cut pile carpet where-in two or more piles of yarn have been twisted and heat set so the tip of each carpet tuft is visible on the pile surface. This carpet has a tendency to show sweeper marks and foot prints.  This is not a defect, but rather a characteristic as the pile reflects the different yarn colors when viewed from different angles.
  • Plush – More formal in appearance, their luxury lies in the dense construction and are often called velvet carpet because of the velvet or velour look. Similar to Saxony carpets they are subject to foot print and vacuum marks.
  • Textured – often called trackless carpets, textured carpeting shows fewer footprints and vacuum marks compared to other cut pile carpeting.  Often referred to as a frieze carpet, the fibers of textured carpet are exposed to live steam to set the yarn memory into a curled position.
  • Frieze – True Frieze carpeting is similar to a texture in that footprints and vacuum cleaner marks are hidden. The textured appearance is a result of the manufacturing process placing a high twist level on the plied yarns. The twist causes the tuft to twist back onto itself causing a kinked appearance.

While there are other types of carpet textures, these are the most common carpets in production today.

We think you’ll agree, no matter where you find a moment to relax, no matter what time of the day it is, finding a moment to steal away and be alone with your thoughts is always a highlight of your day. We also think you’ll agree there is no better feeling for a man or woman than kicking off your shoes and having a high quality, soft carpet underfoot cradling every step.


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