The ULTIMATE Home Theater: Made in the USA – Part 1: Space

You can't control mother nature, hot & humid summer nights and cold, dry winter days make it almost impossible to relax with family…

red home theater room

luxury in home theater rooms have been gaining popularity over the last 2 years as people find new ways to entertain their families at home.

You’ve spent a great deal of your life preparing to have, design and create the perfect home to share with those closest to you.  A home theater room is the icing on the cake when you consider the fantastic controlled environment you’ve created with years of hard work.

The Jones’ always are coming home with the next great toy.  Over the last few years that toy seems to be the in home theater room.  The appeal? Freedom from noisy crowds and movie lines, the ability to watch and care for small children, or grand children without having to worry about large crowds at the mall. Greed? Your family’s home theater is where your children will want to be and you will know where your kids are, who they are with and what they are doing. Relaxation! Whatever your motivation, you get to choose the theater room design aspects that work best for your home movie theater, such as the use of closed captioning, wider or double lounge seating and the ability to enjoy a cocktail during your movie without having to drive are all GREAT reasons to have your own luxurious in home theater space.

In this series Carpet Made In The USA will be looking at the 10 steps to consider before you create that ultimate in home theater:

This blog will discuss considerations when choosing your home theater room:

1.    Placement: You want your in home theater to be in a room where you can control the lighting. This is why designers and home owners often choose a basement where you have minimal exterior light and sound to remove from your personal movie theater.
2.    Rectangular rooms with regular height ceilings: make for the best in home theaters rooms. Narrow long spaces allow for maximized central seating, which is best for surround sound system listening.
3.    Size: the size of your theater room is critical to experience.  Take care when you choose both furniture and your screen size (an actual projection screen vs a led flatscreen tv) that the spec is not over crowded by theater seating or that the screen is not too close to the viewing by guests.

You should also ensure your seating area is the right distance from your screen. If the screen is
– under 31″, it is recommended that seating is 6 to 10 feet from the screen.
– between 32″ and 40″, it is recommended that seating is 8 to 12 feet away
– larger than 40″ it is recommended that seating is 10 feet away to get the best viewing.

If it seems that there is a lot to think about in designing the ultimate home theater. There are many interior designers who have a experience in creating the best home theater rooms including CEDIA (custom electronic design & installation association) award winning designer Lisa Slayman. Slayman was awarded Best Home Theater Design 2012 has an entire line of Carpet that is made in the USA by Bloomsburg Carpet.

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