Tips For Buying Luxury Carpeting

Whether you are choosing luxury carpeting for a new home or for an existing home, there are a few important things you should know about how to identify and why you should opt for high end carpet.


Quality carpeting lasts longer than conventional brands because it is more durable and often constructed with quality and natural fibers. A luxury carpet's beauty and durability will last easily more than a decade. Be sure you get your carpeting professionally cleaned on a regular basis to help maintain its beauty.

Insulation and Sound Proofing

Did you know that the right kind of carpeting can help make your room more pleasing to the ear.  Carpeting, especially wall-to-wall carpeting, along with a high-quality padding underneath acts as a sound barrier by decreasing the transmission of sound within the room and adjacent rooms. Simply put, it keeps the sound from bouncing off the walls.

Care & Maintenance

Make sure you thoroughly review the manufacturer's instructions before you self-clean your carpet. Not all carpets are cleaned the same way – each type of fiber may require a different technique.  Sometimes the simplest way is best – water and a clean towel.


Choosing the right color carpet can be the most challenging decision, but it is also the most important. Keep in mind, if you desire to make a smaller room appear larger, choose a lighter color carpet. For bedrooms, light shades will give you a more relaxed feel. If you're installing carpet for a family room, consider choosing warmer colors, such as oranges and reds, which also hides some of the dirt.  Whatever you choose, make sure you love it, because you will hopefully live with it for a long, long time.  

Choose an Eco-Friendly Carpet

Just because it is luxury carpeting doesn’t mean it is eco-friendly. Eco-friendly carpeting not only has environmental benefits; it  also is a benefit to your health. A new carpet scent is not ideal for many people, it can be a health hazard if it is too strong. Some people complain of headaches, allergies, and even dizziness because of toxic carpet fumes. You'll find that eco-friendly carpets do not contain harmful toxins like many carpet brands. Depending on the manufacturing and disposal process, they are also sustainable and better for the environment.  

We hope these tips will be helpful when buying luxury carpeting for your home!  Find more helpful tips on buying quality carpet please visit:  



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