The Intricacies of Custom Cruise Ship Carpeting

Where big, bold color and style make a statement

Cruise ships are a singular symbol for luxury travel. No longer hosting exclusively niche markets, cruises have become increasingly popular of late for anyone and everyone who wants to sail the high seas in style.

The opulence aboard a cruise ship is without compare. From fore to aft, no detail is overlooked. Often, a cruise ship's entire brand rests upon a kaleidoscope of artistic touches. Many of the particulars may go unnoticed by the average cruise passenger, but each component contributes to an overall atmosphere of lavishness.

Cruise ship carpeting is no exception. A plenitude of intricate patterns and custom made designs exist right under passengers' feet. A cruise ship is a perfect home for such a utilitarian work of art.



Below are examples of custom cruise ship carpeting design patterns, and how they can affect the entire guest experience:

  • Linear Geometric Designs may orient passengers to their general location on the ship, lines or angles indicating fore and aft

  • Round or Spiral Geometric Designs can also point to a place, such as the grande piano in the central lounge

  • Asymmetrical Patterns may lead the way to a social hangout on the ship, like a bar

  • Floral Patterns are sometimes popular in formal dining rooms

  • Painterly Forms are great for carpeting around artistic venues, such as the art gallery

  • Environmental Designs can reflect the ship's destination or home port

  • Neutral Tones may be preferred in cabin walkways and state rooms

  • The Frills or fancy red carpet muffling steps in anticipation as the crowds head to the dining room or the theater


With a cruise ship's high traffic, the carpet needs to be the best available. A high quality weave that will stand the test of time is desired. Still, even the best carpets need to be replaced every so often. Cruise ship carpets are given an overhaul every few years depending on wear and tear, during a dry dock period when maintenance and refurbishments are made.

Bloomsburg Carpets Custom Design Studio is committed to providing the only highest quality in hospitality carpet craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on the time tested techniques we utilize to weave beautiful and finely designed work to compliment any space. We are guided by a pledge to employ environmentally friendly and sustainable methods, as many people in the cruise industry are as well.

For more information about the finest custom hospitality carpeting, please contact us today!

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