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The Fashionable Floor for 2017

Carpeting is just one of many tools you use to create a statement in your environment. Whether you are looking to add a certain flair to your home or are redecorating an office, you want the room to project who you are and what you value.

Fashion is cyclical. What was old eventually becomes new again, what was new inevitably becomes dated. Carpeting is no exception to that rule. If you have decided to update the look of your indoor space, here are some trends for 2017 that you might find interesting. This year's trends are geared towards color and texture.

Texture Trends

Texture is everywhere this season, from toss pillows to lampshades. Textured carpeting will add visual interest to your room.

  • Broadloom carpeting will give you many options for texturization. With choices from a modern braid to a textured wool, broadloom may be just what you are looking for to complement your décor.


Ribbed carpet

  • This texturized carpet has been popular in offices for quite some time. While still popular in the office, it has made its way into the home. While this trend may pass quickly, it is expected to be found in more homes throughout the year.


Cut and loop

  • Cut and loop carpeting adds a lot of pattern and texture options and first became popular in the 1970s. This style may have found its way back again because of the variety of pattern options.


Geometric patterns

  • Look for either pattern prints or neutrals with a pattern created different yarns within the weave. 
Color Trends


Colors set the mood for your surroundings. 2017 has trends, but not rules.

  • Neutrals -this year's neutrals are inspired by nature, colors like sand, olive, and camel
  • Greys -also a popular color last year. Choose a deep grey to offset a variety of accent colors
  • Reds and Bold Colors- the furnishings can also be a bold  color or neutral with bold accents
  • Greens- any shade of green, from lime to emerald.


Eco-friendly carpets 

The trend towards eco-friendly carpet continues. Environmentally conscious consumers are turning to eco-friendly carpets containing recycled materials. Many are searching for natural fiber blends as well.

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