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Quality Carpet In The USA vs. Hand-Loomed From India

Choosing a quality carpet or rug is an investment expected to provide years of use. Many imported rugs from India attempt to mimic high-end carpet but are actually of inferior quality. Imported products may be appealing for several reasons, but … Continue reading

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Historic Preservation A Bloomsburg Carpet Story: Loew’s Kings Theater, Brooklyn, NY

Mark Thomann is uniquely qualified in the protection and re-creation of historic floors through the preservation of America’s architectural heritage. Mark’s passion is historical preservation; however, his business experiences have allowed him to become one of the flooring industry experts … Continue reading

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Winter Care of Woven Wool Carpets

Families in America have begun thinking about the future of the planet, and have started decorating their homes and offices with renewable, eco-friendly products including 100% wool carpets from Bloomsburg Carpet.

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Metal Edge and Tuva Structure Carpets Well Received By Industry

Both broadloom woven carpets are made of Zeftron nylon.  Zeftron six fiber is a fully renewable carpet fiber that offers not only style and performance, but the carpet is recyclable at the end of its life.

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How to: Recycle Carpet and Buy Eco-Friendly

As a consumer, it’s important for you to know how much is wasted every year and what you can do about taking care of the Earth and our environment. Five billion pounds is roughly how much carpet Americans throw away … Continue reading

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Getting to Know Our Product Developer Jody Stamatedes

After 18 years of service in the product development department at Bloomsburg Carpet, Jody Stamatedes  is still as enthusiastic about her job as ever. She loves that she is able to work on a different project each day, many with … Continue reading

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Getting to Know Our Director of Design David Boyd Jr.

Throughout the past 20 years, the Bloomsburg Carpet Director of Design David Boyd Jr. has played a key role in the development of our high-end carpets. From behind-the-scenes productions to laying out show room settings, David does it all. As the … Continue reading

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What’s Your Style? Finding the Right Bloomsburg Carpet

Selecting carpet can be an overwhelming process, but here at Bloomsburg Carpet we want to make the process as easy and fun as possible. When you visit the Product Search page on our website, you’ll be able to search by color, pattern, weave, brand, … Continue reading

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Bloomsburg Carpet and the History of Axminster Carpet

Bloomsburg Carpet Industries, Inc. is notably recognized as the only American carpet manufacturer and carpet mill in the world to offer Wilton Carpet, Axminster Carpet and Velvet Carpet weaving all under one roof.  At Bloomsburg, the axminster carpet is produced … Continue reading

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Bloomsburg Carpet to Debut Metallic Line at SURFACES

SURFACES, “the leading floor covering industry event, brings together thousands of retailers, distributors, installers, designers and home builders for three days of face-to-face networking, education and product sourcing” and Bloomsburg Carpet Industries, Inc. will be a part of this three … Continue reading

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