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Creating Custom Axminster Carpet

Check out the above video for a quick glimpse into a project that went through one of our high-speed Axminster looms. With two high speed Axminster looms, over 400 stocked color options, and an in-house design team, our carpet can … Continue reading

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Beautifully Tailored Floors

Cambridge and Kensington take the bespoke style made famous from London's Savile Row and tailor it for the floor. Kensington, the modern pin stripe, and Cambridge, the small scale herringbone, are the first iterations of our Savile Row collection. Dress up … Continue reading

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The Red Carpet, a Short History

Perhaps no hue in carpeting history is so legendary as one: the red carpet. We have come to know it as the domain of modern celebrity, those stars who are closer to royalty than anything else. But the red carpet … Continue reading

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A Short History of Carpet Weaving in the United States

It all began in 1791 when Philadelphia became home to the very first carpet mill. Other mills opened throughout New England in the early 1800's, but in 1839, the industry was permanently changed. It was in this particular year that … Continue reading

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New to the flock: Heather Shear Carpet by Silver Creek

Heather Shear features 11 colorways with soft and sturdy 100% wool fibers. A random tip shear gives Heather Shear a beautifully tailored texture, perfect for any room setting.         Check out our page to see why Wool … Continue reading

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Color Trends in Carpeting: How to use alternating carpet patterns and colors in the same room

When carpeting your home, office or other space, using the same color throughout can look uninspiring. At the same time, it shouldn't look like a hodgepodge of floor colors. You can maintain a look of sophistication and design flair by … Continue reading

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A Showstopping Red Carpet

Bloomsburg Carpet Hospitality is proud to have our Axminster carpet be the canvas designers want to use for custom projects. The next time you visit the Lyric Theatre, New York City for a show, walk the red carpet and let … Continue reading

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The Intricacies of Custom Cruise Ship Carpeting

Cruise ships are a singular symbol for luxury travel. No longer hosting exclusively niche markets, cruises have become increasingly popular of late for anyone and everyone who wants to sail the high seas in style. The opulence aboard a cruise … Continue reading

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Premium Style Meets Premium Performance

Silver Creek's new Castaway Collection maintains it's designer-focused look while adding UV stabilized, wear resistant fibers. Add elegance to any indoor or outdoor space with a basket weave (Maryann), modern plaid (Skipper), and animal print (Ginger). Designed for every palate … Continue reading

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Carpeting for your Boutique Hotel or Airbnb

  Carpeting is the perfect choice for small hotels, bed and breakfasts and even Airbnb's. As the former owner and acquaintance of a boutique hotel once said, "It's all about the feel when you walk through the door. You never … Continue reading

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