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Find out How Carpet Helps Reduce Allergies & Asthma

A comfortable, stylish, carpet is one of the best tools in your home to battle allergies and asthma. You may have heard that carpeted flooring is a poor option for individuals with respiratory difficulties, however, you may be surprised to … Continue reading

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Choosing the right carpet for your new office space

Choosing a carpet for your office isn't as hard as it seems   So, you've settled on a new office location in a hoppin' business district right across the street from a Ramen Express and you're excited to settle into your new … Continue reading

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Carpeting: How to Choose a Color that Will Work for Years to Come

Carpeting is an investment that has a big impact on any room. Aside from things like carpet type, fiber, pattern and quality, you have to decide on color. For those who love monochromatic rooms, it can be a relatively easy … Continue reading

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How to Choose the Right Carpet Colors for Your Home

Are you working on a new decorating project this year? In 2016, there are a variety of luxury carpet trends to choose from. It’s no longer about color alone – it's all about color and texture. The latest high-end carpet trends … Continue reading

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Color and Design Trends for this Summer!

SUMMER COLORS “As we approach the summer months, spending time with family and friends will become more of a priority than ever,” says award-winning designer Lisa J. Slayman, principal of Slayman Design Associates, a premier designer for Bloomsburg Carpet.  “This desire … Continue reading

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