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A modern take on tradition Green Label Plus  |  100% Wool  |  American Made   See the Barbara Barry collection here

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Purchasing Quality Commercial Carpeting for a Country Club and What To Know

Members are often entertaining a client, business associate, or friend following a round of golf and they naturally expect their surroundings to be tasteful and even casually elegant. Complicating that is the fact that, like most commercial enterprises, the carpeting … Continue reading

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Luxury Underfoot: Why Carpet Beats Hard Flooring in the Bedroom

Few things feel more luxurious than stepping across plush carpet on bare feet. It's like a pillow for your toes! Carpeting your bedroom may be one of the best design decisions you'll make in terms of creating a luxurious and … Continue reading

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Choosing Earth Friendly Carpet

Together, we can carpet the world green! If you care about preserving the environment for your children, their children and all future generations, you're probably already doing things to help protect and preserve the planet such as recycling and curtailing … Continue reading

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Unique Carpet Trends for 2017

2017 carpet trends continue to expand choices in color, texture, pattern, and material. While interior designers also favor the use of rugs for artistic accent, current styles in wall-to-wall carpeting follow similar emphases: Bold textures Vivid color and pattern Natural … Continue reading

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Carpet Your Stairs Like A Pro

Carpeting a staircase typically makes for a softer, safer climb and descent, but it can also make a stairway stand out as a feature in your home. Still, there's more to carpeting a stairway than just picking out a carpet … Continue reading

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Carpet’s Going Green in More Ways Than One

If you are looking to decorate your home or office this year you should know; Green is the color that is trending for 2017!    These are not you mother's greens… Neutrals mixed with different tones of green are classy … Continue reading

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What’s Your Style? Finding the Right Bloomsburg Carpet

Selecting carpet can be an overwhelming process, but here at Bloomsburg Carpet we want to make the process as easy and fun as possible. When you visit the Product Search page on our website, you’ll be able to search by color, pattern, weave, brand, … Continue reading

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