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American Design Influences: Television Reality and Fiction

Network and cable television production teams spend millions of dollars developing series studio sets and producing reality series. These shows are beamed into the homes of every American family 24 hours a day. Setting a new standard, a higher standard, … Continue reading

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Design Inspiration Everywhere

Design ideas and inspirations surround us every day. Spring streams, summer flowers, trees in the fall, winter’s snow flakes and drifts, a patch of colorful tiles, the geometric designs found on the side of an ancient ruin or the skyline … Continue reading

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How To: Brand Your Office and Set the Tone

When you walk into your office everyday does it provide excitement, calmness or trustworthiness?  Does it represent your brand and exude something else that is important to you, your employees or prospective clients?  Or, is it lacking entirely?

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Pin with Bloomsburg Carpet!

Pinterest is every designers dream website. A single place dedicated to saving your ideas, inspirations and projects. Since we joined the social networking site, we have had so much fun pinning and repinning countlessly to our 28 boards. Our following … Continue reading

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Getting to Know Our Designer Nicole Dumond

As a designer of both custom and stock Axminster and Wilton designs for Bloomsburg Carpet, Nicole Dumond has a lot of creativity under her belt. Combining her passion for fashion and love of the great outdoors, Nicole creates designs that are … Continue reading

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Getting to Know Our Director of Design David Boyd Jr.

Throughout the past 20 years, the Bloomsburg Carpet Director of Design David Boyd Jr. has played a key role in the development of our high-end carpets. From behind-the-scenes productions to laying out show room settings, David does it all. As the … Continue reading

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How Luxurious! Animal Prints from Silver Creek

“Leopard is an animal design, and my designs come from nature.” – Designer Roberto Cavalli Our animal prints designed by Silver Creek Carpet come from the same inspiration as Mr. Cavalli. Silver Creek Carpet is named for the beauty and tranquility … Continue reading

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Where Do You Find Your Inspiration?

Designing a home or an office can bring on many challenges, but don’t you feel designing should be fun?  Yes it should!  There are so many ways that people can find inspiration online or on their mobile phones. 

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