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Insta Interiors featuring Silver Creek

Be sure to follow us at @bloomsburgcarpet to see the finest carpet woven in the USA. Tessio shines in this living room installation by using the Nickel colorway to accent the curated room perfectly. Installation done by @jodierosendesign, Tessio provided by @elte. Tessio / Nickel / SP2276/15R … Continue reading

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Modern Wool Creations

  Furrow and Reveal feature Tuva Bloomsburg's heathered yarns with two very different textures. Furrow, a thick nubby loop with an elegant woolen face and Reveal, a tighter and more refined cut and loop construction. Both are brand new to … Continue reading

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What Kind of Padding Is Best For Your Carpet?

Where do you begin? Consumers spend most of their time debating over carpet color, styles, and texture. However, equally important is finding the best padding to support the carpet and your feet. Just as your home's foundation is imperative to … Continue reading

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FALL in L♥VE with Bloomsburg Carpet

Don't let your floor be the scariest thing this Halloween! Check out our beautiful woven wool specialties at BloomsburgCarpet.com  Fine Carpeting by Bloomsburg; Proudly woven in America For more information and to view our Bloomsburg, Silver Creek and Tuva product … Continue reading

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The Fashionable Floor for 2017

Carpeting is just one of many tools you use to create a statement in your environment. Whether you are looking to add a certain flair to your home or are redecorating an office, you want the room to project who … Continue reading

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From Custom Design To Custom Carpet; Watch it Happen

Bloomsburg Carpet’s new state-of-the-art high-speed Axminster loom brings your custom designs to life… quickly & efficiently. Bloomsburg Carpet’s is proudly woven in the USA.    Click here to watch the video:    Click here to use our website’s agent locator … Continue reading

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Bloomsburg Carpet Has Launched a New Hospitality Feature on our Website

Please visit our website to see view our incredible portfolio of Hospitality Carpet Installations.  Plus utilize our custom design carpet library and learn about our Luxury Carpet Design process!  See why names like Lincoln Center, The United States Capitol Building, … Continue reading

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Watch the ONLY High-Speed Axminster Carpet Being Woven in the USA

Bloomsburg Carpet has expanded our Axminster mill with a new high-speed loom and with it, a new frontier in American Axminster design and production.  Bloomsburg Carpet – the cutting edge of carpet. Watch the video here Bloomsburg Carpet is the … Continue reading

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A History of the Carpet Loom

For thousands of years, carpets have added beauty and luxurious comfort to living spaces. Although it is not known exactly when and where the first carpets were made, historians believe carpets were first produced either by nomadic peoples to use … Continue reading

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Soak up the Sun with Bloomsburg Carpet’s Custom Size Rug Program

Now is a great time to bring the summer indoors with Bloomsburg Carpet rugs. These bespoke rugs are just in time for the summer heat. Enjoy your summer on luxurious American made woven carpet.    Custom Rug Highlights; •  Custom … Continue reading

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