Summer Trends Right Under Your Feet!

Award-winning designer Lisa J. Slayman talks about spending time at home with family during the Summertime, and why she likes carpets in shades of grey

LISA J. SLAYMAN is the principal of Slayman Design Associates, Inc. (SDA)

Bloomsburg Carpet designer LISA J. SLAYMAN  is an award-winning designer and the principal of Slayman Design Associates, Inc. (SDA), a Laguna Beach, California-based design firm specializing in high-end residential, hospitality, and country club interiors.  Here she talks about summer and trends we can expect in the world of carpeting:

“What is a more personal safe haven than our homes?   Summertime brings us closer to home, and along with that we will do lots of entertaining and redecorating in certain areas.     The colors we are craving these days are a result of the uncertain times in which we are living.

“For a sense of calmness, we like to use grey as a new neutral in carpeting, in all tones and shades.  Greys are not only very complimentary to homes; they also provide a stable background complementing other interior design elements.

“The ‘50s and ‘60s are remembered as great times and happiness in America, and colors trends from those eras are being introduced all over again. These colors include soft pastel tones of blues, greens, taupes, and crèmes.

“Luxury and luster have also influenced today’s carpeting trends where metallic yarns are used for glamour and viscose yarns, which look like silk. As accents, together with New Zealand wool, they create sophistication and elegance.  “Color, pattern, and texture in carpeting have never been so inspired and innovative as they are in today’s marketplace.  And now more than ever, many Americans are craving goods that are “made in America.”  Bloomsburg Carpet has it all!” (Pictured at right, a Lisa Slayman design for Bloomsburg Carpet called Oz/Chiffon, Pattern # W4384/26)

Style Name: Oz/Chiffon
Pattern Number: W4384/26
Color: Beige
Yarn: 3/2 16 Lea Viscose / 2/54 Wool
Backing Material: j
Weave: Wilton
Construction: Full Pitch Wilton

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For more than 20 years Lisa Slayman has honed her skills in all phases of commercial and residential interior design, from space planning and knowledge of building codes to selection of fabrics, materials, and furnishings; design of custom furnishings and fabrics; and interior detailing.

Lisa is committed to the use of top-quality materials, attention to detail, and personalized service. Slayman works within the parameters of each project to produce superior results consistently, focusing on clear communication and in-depth understanding to ensure that interiors reflect the individual character, lifestyle, and needs of her clients.

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