Unique Carpet Trends for 2017

2017 carpet trends continue to expand choices in color, texture, pattern, and material. While interior designers also favor the use of rugs for artistic accent, current styles in wall-to-wall carpeting follow similar emphases:


Bold textures

Vivid color and pattern

Natural and eco-friendly materials



Comfy, Natural,  tones

Neutrals remain steadily in demand, but designers and consumers increasingly choose vivid-toned floor covering to punctuate their personal style. Geometric patterns and culturally inspired textures in orange, berry, or blue “statement tones” add visual interest against the traditional cream or beige base. Color informs the new definition of “neutral”, which encompasses pale yellows, selected shades of blue, and soft greens. (In fact, Pantone© calls “Greenery”, 2017’s Color of the Year, “nature’s neutral”.)

The continued popularity of more rustic looks and textures turns interest toward natural materials such as sisal, jute, or rope. These provide textural diversity beyond the typical plush or Berber styles. They also meet the increasing demand for sustainable decor options. Designers are experimenting with layers, adding vibrant textile pieces over chunky, rougher textures for example. Carpet manufacturers have also increased the number and variety of their recycled-material offerings. These carpets meet customers’ needs for hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly floor coverings.

Texture also trends toward comfort in 2017. Dense twists, chunky felts, and over-sized loop piles combine wool with a myriad of other fibers, such as silk, linen, cotton, even paper. These create a luxurious multi-layered feel even within a single carpet, woven into designs as separate accents (such as the patterns noted above). In addition, vintage or nostalgia carpets marry tactile comfort with bold visual interest. Designers are mixing brighter-colored surfaces with those having a more aged patina, keeping with the mix/match/layer trend.

Today, more than ever, consumers and designers can uniquely personalize their decor using floor covering as more than a “blank canvas”. Contact Bloomsburg Carpet to learn how our array of luxurious, durable, sustainable products can become the basis for your signature statement.

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