Silver Creek’s Family Keeps Growing…

Meet Silver Creek Carpet's newest collection "The Shotz Collection" Featuring Laverne, Shirley and Squiggy!  

Timeless woolen heather colorations meets modern patterning to create a new age classic.

Woven with the finest natural wools and subtle patterning, the Shotz Collection is an exciting new introduction into the ever expanding product library.

Laverne features a vertical and horizontal organic pattern.



Squiggy mirrors that organic patterning with a meandering design running the length of the carpet. 



Shirley takes on a new dimension with an underwire-flatweave stripe defining the carpet's complex texture.



As with all Silver Creek and Bloomsburg Carpet products, the Shotz Carpet Collection is proudly woven in Bloomsburg, PA, ensuring only the finest quality and craftsmanship.


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