Silver Creek Striations noted for quality by Fabulous Floors Issue 41

Thoughts of Spring also bring to mind the topic of allergies. All the pollen in the air just gets whirled around on hard surfaces, allowing it to be inhaled.

Silver Creek In Fabulous Floors 1_Page_1While all carpets in general can trap allergens, wool goes astep beyond to improve the quality of the air by absorbing common contaminants.

In addition to supporting the health of your family, wool works to improve the safety of your home. The high moisture content of the fiber, along with its protein constituents, makes wool naturally flame resistant. Wool fiber does not support combustion, is difficult to ignite, and is self-extinguishable.

Wool’s ability to age gracefully is one of its most enduring qualities. Wool springs back into action even after subjection to heavy foot traffic and over-sized furniture. Every wool fiber has a three-dimensional spiraling crimp which gives it natural elasticity.

Silver Creek In Fabulous Floors 1_Page_2When you purchase wool carpet for your home, you are doing much more than covering your floors. You are making your home a healthy, safe, comfortable and beautiful place to live. Although it may not give busy families more time to relax,it does make the time you do have more enjoyable.

The Striations collection is 100 percent wool and American-
made quality to ensure both luxurious feel and superior

Silver Creek, in keeping with the reputation of its parent
company, Bloomsburg Carpet, is dedicated to making highly
styled carpets of superior quality using cutting-edge colors
and designs. Silver Creek’s fine broad looms begin with wool,
one of nature’s gifts that address the ever-increasing need
for respect of our global environment.




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