Repairing Small Carpet Burns

Don’t panic! There’s no need to dip into your 401k to purchase new carpeting every time a spark flies.

repair ember burn in carpetNew carpeting from Bloomsburg is beautiful and gives a luxurious feel to any room. When someone is careless lighting a candle, smoking a cigarette, or using a wood burning fireplace, accidents can easily happen. These types of burns are often small, but to the proud owner of high-end carpet; their marks will always be noticed. Luckily, small burns resulting from these types of accidents are not difficult to repair.


There are a few simple methods to repair small burns in your carpet.  For the first method you will need:

  • Sharp manicure scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Super glue or manicure glue
  • A Clean Heavy Object (Book or brick wrapped in foil)


Use the scissors to cut away all evidence of singed carpet fibers. Then using the tweezers carefully remove any remaining carpet fibers that look burnt or dark due to being singed by the embers.

small carpet burnOnce all signs of the burn have been removed you’ll most likely have a small hole or indentation. Using a piece of leftover carpet or carpet from an area that is not in plain view use the miniature scissors again. This time you’ll use them to trim a fair amount of small, clean carpet fibers. Cut enough fibers from the hidden area in order to completely fill in the burn area.

Then apply a small amount of glue into the burn hole and use the tweezers to fill in the hole with the clean-cut carpeting fibers. It’s important to fill it as full as possible. Place a heavy object over the repaired area. Leave it there for 3 to 4 days. After removing the heavy object use a clean comb to fluff the fibers and vacuum to blend in the repaired spot with the rest of the carpet.

The second method we’re going to explore is how to fix a very minor surface burn to nylon carpet using a box cutter. The video below demonstrates a gentle method using just a straight razor or box cutter to scrape the damaged areas of the fiber from the tufts of a very minor burn.

Repairing a Carpet Burn

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