Red Carpet Trends

The Emmy Awards are this Sunday and the media is abuzz with everything to do about the red carpet. While headlines might be referring to different kinds of red carpet trends, we’ve got some style statements of our own that we’re red-y to share.


The Craft/Valentine selection instantly adds warmth to even your coldest room, which makes it the perfect choice for the upcoming winter months. Let the carpet take center stage or turn up the heat even more with red pillows.



With more plain color schemes, such as black and white, our True Path/Rajah carpet can be the perfect pop of color for a dramatic effect on an otherwise simple room.



While seemingly bold, red plaid selections can actually add a nice touch of sophistication to your den or office. Pair our Royal Edition/Kilt Red carpet with gold accents for a rich, classy feel.


Who says you can’t walk the red carpet every day?



To check out all of Bloomsburg Carpet’s red selections, browse our gallery.

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