Quality vs.Cheap carpet and rugs

Quality Carpet In The USA vs. Hand-Loomed From India

How to tell the difference

Choosing a quality carpet or rug is an investment expected to provide years of use. Many imported rugs from India attempt to mimic high-end carpet but are actually of inferior quality. Imported products may be appealing for several reasons, but making an informed and knowledgeable decision will protect your investment. Purchasing carpet made in America ensures that the rug you chose is a quality product, and provides the durability and beauty expected from a high-end carpet.

Woven vs. Tufted

Construction type is a significant factor that determines the quality and performance of any rug or carpet. The two primary methods are easy to identify and provide a good indication of quality.

Woven carpet and rugs use a process of interlacing face yarns and backing yarns at a right angle which are then knotted to form a finished product. The reverse side of a woven carpet is recognizable by the noticeable knots and pattern on the back of the piece. Several methods of weaving are used to create high-quality carpet and rugs, and typically high-end carpets are woven.

Tufted rugs use a manufacturing process that does not use knots. The technique takes considerably less time than weaving, reducing production costs and creating an affordable product that is easily mass produced. Tufted rugs may use high-quality wool but shed due to the construction technique used. Lower quality tufted carpet or rugs can be identified by the material covering the reverse side, concealing the construction.

Hand Knotted vs. Hand Loomed

Hand Knotted rugs are woven, may consist of over 240 knots per square inch, and take months to complete. Each hand-knotted rug is a unique, one of a kind product that is durable, able to withstand heavy traffic, and will last 20 or more years.

A new type of tufted rug from India called India "hand loomed" and India "loomed by hand" has created confusion and disappointment among consumers. This new type of rug mimics the appearance of a high-quality carpet and is being presented and priced as such. The process of hand looming uses a loom which presses fiber strands together and connects them with a thin thread. The technique leaves the ends and sides of the finished product unsecured and rugs are crafted in hours rather than months.


When purchasing a rug or carpet, it is beneficial to have a basic knowledge of rug and carpet construction techniques. Choosing a rug made in America by a manufacturer such as Bloomsburg will ensure that you avoid costly mistakes and receive the best value and highest-quality carpet available. To learn more about this or anything else contact us today.



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