Hospitality Carpet

Purchasing Quality Commercial Carpeting for a Country Club and What To Know

Hospitality Carpet has a higher aesthetic standard to meet.

Members are often entertaining a client, business associate, or friend following a round of golf and they naturally expect their surroundings to be tasteful and even casually elegant. Complicating that is the fact that, like most commercial enterprises, the carpeting in a country club is going to receive a relatively high volume of foot traffic. Mix with that the food and drinks being served and you have a lot of considerations.  So how do you begin in your search to purchase for the perfect carpeting for the hospitality or country club setting?  

Hospitality Carpet

  Process of elimination

 Carpeting a commercial area with an Olefin fiber carpet is not a good idea since it does not tend to perform well in areas with high foot traffic. Olefin is undeniably less expensive than nylon fiber carpeting, but if it's not going to stand up over time, and you'll end up having to re-carpet sooner, are you really saving money? The other type of commercial carpeting is nylon, which
is better for high-traffic areas that are also likely to be occasionally subjected to soiling from food and drink. (It's easier to clean nylon carpeting, especially when it's been treated for stain resistance).


Narrowing the Field

Having established that nylon is the best choice, you're now left to decide on pile choice. Level loop has small loops, and cut pile is short and plush. Each has its advantages, and while cut pile works best in an office setting, loop style and cut-pile perform best in high-traffic areas. 

Bloomsburg Carpet is always looking to provide faster service without sacrificing quality, leading us to equip our looms with modern jacquard abilities. This update grants the end user the capability to make unlimited design pattern choices.

Gripper-Jacquard Axminster looms provide color flexibility of up to 12 colors.  This gives the axminster weave great versatility, thereby making it one of the best options for hotels and hospitality contract carpeting.

Hospitality Carpet

Front dining area in the evening at Jean Georges Perry St restaurant in NYC

Determining the Area

When measuring a large space for new carpeting, it's best to round-up to the nearest foot so that you're not short on the amount of carpet needed. Better to have some scraps than to not have enough!

Complete your purchase with Confidence

  • Regardless of your budget, buy the highest quality commercial carpet you can afford and consider it an investment in your business that will last longer than less expensive, lower-quality alternatives.
  • Bear in mind that while style and appearance are quite important, they are secondary to durability in a country club or hospitality setting that gets both heavy foot traffic and exposure to spills.
  • Bear in mind that solid colors with flecks hide soil better than carpets that are completely uniform in color. Pattern also helps to hide soil, but stay away from dark colors, which will show lint, especially in a space with large windows overlooking a golf course!


Bloomsburg is the only mill in this country manufacturing all three weaves; Axminster, Velvet, and Wilton. all under one roof, thus offering its clients a great deal of flexibility. The design studio also continues to challenge technology by creating innovative patterns and weaving structures that correspond with currents trends. Because of our strict adherence to only top quality standards, Bloomsburg manufactures exclusively woven carpets. Our stock lines include wools, wool/nylon blends, and 100% nylons.

Bloomsburg Carpet is the leading manufacturer of quality commercial hospitality carpeting that is made in the USA! Contact us today to find a dealer near you!


Bloomsburg Carpet is proudly woven in the U.S.A.



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