Protect Your Carpets Before Thanksgiving!

Some quick tips on how to protect your carpeting from foot traffic this holiday season

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and if you’re hosting dinner, you can take precautions beforehand to protect your carpets and lessen the amount of dirt tracked around your home.  Here are our tips:

 1) Vacuum every room in the home
2) If you have an old door mat, consider replacing it with a new one
3) You can also buy additional door mats for other doors (will guests be utilizing a deck?)  and buy runners for your hallways
4) When guests arrive, ask them if they can take off theirs shoes at the entrance way – don’t feel awkward asking this, guests should understand you are looking to keep your home clean!
5) Sweep and then vacuum all carpets the next morning

Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years will arrive before you know it!  If you are hosting dinner for these holidays as well, consider sprucing up one to two rooms in your home with new carpet.  Take a look at the Product Search on our website and get in touch with a Bloomsburg Sales Agent in your area today to see your options for new carpeting.

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