Preserving the Future: Manufacturing Green Carpet in America.

There are many reasons to want Eco-friendly carpets that are made in America in your home or office space.

Carpeting can offer an interior designer a considerable variety of not only colors, but designs and textures. Add to that a choice of luxuriously soft, long wearing, stain resistant fibers and the fact that quality carpet is slip resistant and a great noise buffer for all those loud co-workers or a bustling modern family…

it is not hard t0 understand why carpeting has long been the choice floor covering for most high end living and luxury work spaces.  With any major investment, designers, business and home owners are faced with the decision of what is best for clients, family, and employees.  How do we provide our customers and loved ones with the most healthy environment possible?  Bloomsburg Carpet Industries is focused on providing carpets that are not only beautiful, but provide a healthy certified green environment.  When making improvements or upgrades in green living, it is essential to know that the carpets installed in your living and work spaces are low or zero emission VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Carpets.

Carpets that emit high levels of VOC’s can cause dizziness and nausea, some VOC’s are even carcinogenic.  The Collaborative on Heath and Environment has a database that summarizes about 180 human conditions that can be linked to nearly 80,000 chemicals.  Using this database we can surmise that synthetic carpets manufactured with nylon fibers and a polypropylene backings off-gas a number of chemical and organic compounds.  95% of synthetic carpets off gas 4-phenylcyclohexane (4-PC), a byproduct formed ruing the creation of the latex used on carpet backing.  This gas not only affects the eyes and respiratory systems of most animals, but may also affect the central nervous system. It has been linked to skin rashes and lesions.  There is no reason to believe that there is any one chemical that causes these issues, new synthetic carpets emit a number of VOC’s including known neurotoxins Toluene and Xylene and the human carcinogen Styrene.

This is quite alarming when you consider your responsibility to those you love or depend on you as the head of house or business owner. How do you keep those you are responsible for safe and healthy?  Many agencies including The Washington Toxics Coalition, The Canadian Lung Association, The American Lung Association, and  The Ecology Center (Berkley, CA), all recommend natural carpets made of wool yarn with jute backing just like the ones offered by Bloomsburg Carpets.

Regular maintenance of carpets will decrease the collection of allergens and contaminates that affect indoor air quality.

Regular maintenance of carpets will decrease the collection of allergens and contaminates that affect indoor air quality.

Regular cleaning of these durable, luxury carpets with Hepa Filtration will reduce concentrations of indoor allergens.  The same regular cleaning has a secondary positive affect on your carpets lifespan, it is the sharp edges of some soils that will quickly break down the fibers of the rugs in your living spaces, regular cleaning of rugs can extend the life of your carpets by as much as 30% more in some high traffic areas.  A regular maintenance schedule is imperative to getting the most out of your new carpets useable life.

BCI offers over 300 variety’s of luxurious CRI Green Label American Made Carpets suitable for high end commercial spaces or luxurious residential living spaces.  These carpets can be either a synthetic/wool mix or one of over 250 wool/jute carpets manufactured by BCI that are 100% wool and renewable.  Bloomsburg Carpets is best known for it’s historic preservation.  It is this calling that keeps Bloomsburg employees looking to the future, preserving the environment by creating long lasting, quality, renewable carpets that are friendly to the environment.  North American’s can rest assured that all of Bloomsburg Carpets product is manufactured right here in America.  Purchasing from a source that can ship via train rather than boat ensures that the worlds resources are being used as efficiently as possible, furthering their call to preserving the future of the planet and manufacturing green in America.

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