Remembering Raymond Habib


Raymond Peter Habib
July 8, 1926 – January 17th, 2019

Thursday, January 17th, 2019, Raymond Peter Habib, founder and former CEO of Bloomsburg Carpet Industries passed away peacefully in his home, at the age of 92.

After volunteering for service in World War II, Raymond went on to graduate from Fordham University with a degree in Business. Shortly after graduating, Ray was hired to be a salesman for Magee Carpets, where he would spend the next 25 years learning the nuances of the carpet industry and work his way up to Vice President of their Contract Carpet division.  

In 1976, Raymond would part ways with Magee Carpets and build a new company, Bloomsburg Carpet, with 12 loyal employees and only a few looms. Today, Bloomsburg Carpet has over 200 employees and dozens of looms and continues to be lead by Ray’s son, Thomas Habib, with the same dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

When Ray wasn’t running between the Bloomsburg, PA mill and the New York City sales office, he would be found at the driving range or on the links. Ray is survived by his wife of 59 years, Elaine, as well as his children, Raymond Jr. (Valerie), Thomas (Alice), John (Tanya) and Catherine (Michael Joyce), his grandchildren and a great granddaughter.

He was a man of principle and his legacy is forever imprinted in the foundation of Bloomsburg Carpet.

Raymond Peter Habib
July 8, 1926 – January 17th, 2019



Choosing The Right Carpet For Your Office

Make it a place you're proud to entertain customers or clients

   Corporate clients are a discerning bunch when it comes to decorating an office space. This is especially true when carpeting an office, since it's a place you spend 40+ hours per week.  It's important to choose a subtle, professional-looking carpet in line with the style of the office. Picking the right office carpet takes considering a few things while shopping.

   Carpet comes in many materials each with advantages that make it suitable for certain applications. Considering traffic areas and activity will happen in an office will help you choose a material. For instance:

1. Wool repels stains and has an appealingly natural texture to it. This makes it great for offices where artists work or people often eat food at their desks. It also has the advantage of being eco-friendly for businesses who want to stress that part of their brand.

2. Nylon is rugged and keeps its shape well. It's easy to clean and resists moisture mightily. This makes it great for rooms that get a lot of wear, might get wet, and is often trampled by the public. 

3. Velvet is soft and looks matted. It tends to show dents, but it is great for any office where people spend a lot of time on the carpet.

Coordinate Colors With The Mood 

   Every office has a different feel to it. Some look industrial chic with open plans and steel furnishings and might call for gray or black carpet. Others are going for a more conservative look, with neutral, beige or earthy tones and textures or for a more minimalist look. Each look says a lot about how a company sees itself and what image they want to convey.  A carpet that matches the preferred look will go a long way to completing the company's brand image. You will want to consider the entire color scheme and style of furnishings before deciding on an office carpet pattern. 

    If you're shopping for new luxury office carpet, keep these things in mind. To search for high-quality, American-made carpet that will look professional and luxurious in your office, contact Bloomsburg Carpet Inc. proudly woven in America since 1976.  

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Happy Holidays from Bloomsburg Carpet!

Bloomsburg Carpet wishes you and your family a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!




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Have a Cozy Thanksgiving!

Bloomsburg Carpet wishes you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday

Warm up your home with a beautiful wool carpet from our Silver Creek collection



Please see below for our recent introductions:

Cambridge and Kensington by Bloomsburg Carpet

Cambridge and Kensington by Bloomsburg Carpet



View Cambridge     View Kensington


Reveal and Furrow by Bloomsburg Carpet

Reveal and Furrow by Bloomsburg Carpet



View Reveal    View Furrow


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Luxury Carpet: Accept No Substitutes

Need to make flooring decisions? We can help

An Unavoidable Choice
What we cover our floors with matters. It's not if we choose, but what we choose. So a "pros and cons" analysis is here. 

Hard Floor Coverings 
Increasingly popular, this option certainly has advantages. Many appreciate the appeal of less maintenance compared to carpet. Combine that with the variety available to homeowners. Hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile: each of these options has a huge selection to choose from.

But are there drawbacks? Below are a few:

•  Not one hard floor covering provides the noise reducing effect of wall-to-wall carpeting.

•  Carpet also provides a softness and physical comfort factor lacking in hard floors.

•  Although it may seem like maintenance for hard floor coverings may be slightly reduced, they require more day to day cleaning.

•  Finally, damage and "wear and tear" do occur. Only a diamond is forever. 

"Affordable" Carpet 

Oddly enough, those who choose hard floors invariably cover part of it with area rugs. This is testimony to the desirability of a carpeted floor. And when people are inclined to choose carpeting, they are sometimes attracted to less expensive selections. The consumer's belief could be that there's no reason to spend more on carpeting than necessary.

But let's not ignore the valid reasons to purchase a higher-end carpet:

The Preferred Choice: Luxury Carpeting

•  Comfort: The price of quality carpeting is justifiable because you're receiving a more densely produced carpet. Literally, that means more fibers per square inch. That means a more comfortable "quality of life" experience.   

•  Durability: In concert with the reason mentioned above, luxury carpet lasts longer simply because there's more fiber to share the effects of daily use.

•  "Cleanability": Carpet fiber is produced from a wide variety of different raw materials. Reasonably, this difference becomes obvious when maintenance and cleaning occur. This simply means that a quality carpet cleans up easier and better than a more "affordable" carpet.


Since all floors are covered by something, when considering carpet, whether for your home, business, or office, consider Bloomsburg Made In America Carpet.  Carpet at it's finest. Bloomsburg Carpet is among the top luxury carpet brands in the world.


Bloomsburg Carpet, Inc. manufactures quality carpets in a variety of colorways and styles. To find a dealer in your area check here.


For more information about the finest custom hospitality carpeting, please contact us directly today!

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Beautifully Tailored Floors

The Saville Row Collection by Silver Creek Carpet

Cambridge and Kensington take the bespoke style made famous from London's Savile Row and tailor it for the floor. Kensington, the modern pin stripe, and Cambridge, the small scale herringbone, are the first iterations of our Savile Row collection. Dress up your floors with Savile Row's cozy 100% wool construction.
Use our Dealer & Agent Locator to see Kensington and Cambridge for yourself!




Kensington/Sand by Silver Creek Carpet

Carpet at its finest


See Cambridge & Kensington HERE

For more information and to view our Bloomsburg, Silver Creek & Tuva product lines visit us HERE

For more information and to view our Bloomsburg, Silver Creek & Tuva product lines visit us at
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The Red Carpet, a Short History

The iconic carpet that leaves an indelible image in our minds

Perhaps no hue in carpeting history is so legendary as one: the red carpet. We have come to know it as the domain of modern celebrity, those stars who are closer to royalty than anything else. But the red carpet was not Hollywood's invention. Rather, it was a centuries-old tradition of delineating classes. Here are a few interesting facts about this special event carpeting:

  • Its earliest appearance in history dates back to ancient Greece. In Aeschylus' play Agamemnon, even a King hesitated to tread upon a crimson tapestry meant for him. Though he was a warrior returning home from the Trojan War, he didn't want to step on the red carpet because he was only a mere mortal. In fact, he was said to have met a bitter end when he did finally set foot upon it.
  • A more recent connection with fame and the red carpet is found in the travel arena. In 1821, the fifth President of the United States, James Monroe, walked upon a red carpet at his arrival by riverboat to South Carolina.
  • Train interiors are still frequently laid with red carpets to demarcate first class ticket passengers.
  • It wasn't until the Roaring Twenties that Hollywood jumped on board. In 1922, Sid Grauman laid a red carpet at the famed Egyptian Theater for the movie premiere of "Robin Hood." The rest, as they say, is now history.

These days, red carpets can be found in many public places, including cruise ships, movie theaters, progressive architectural buildings, and upscale events. No longer reserved for only celebrity, royalty, or deity, a red carpet just makes one feel special to walk upon.

Rolling Out the Red Carpet For You

Bloomsburg Carpet, Inc. manufactures quality carpets in a variety of colorways and styles. For more information about carpeting for your space, contact us today!

For more information about the finest custom hospitality carpeting, please contact us today!


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A Short History of Carpet Weaving in the United States

Carpet Weaving began as early as the 1700s

It all began in 1791 when Philadelphia became home to the very first carpet mill. Other mills opened throughout New England in the early 1800's, but in 1839, the industry was permanently changed. It was in this particular year that Erastus Bigelow invented the power loom for carpet weaving. That loom doubled the production of carpet in 12 short months and by 1850, production had tripled. That famous loom is now safely housed in the Smithsonian.

In 1849, the carpet industry saw the development of the Jacquard mechanism and Brussels carpet was introduced in Amsterdam, New York. In 1905, the Shuttleworth Brothers Company introduced a new carpet called Karnak Wilton, which was so phenomenally successful that a new building had to be built in order to handle all the orders. In 1920, Shuttleworth Brothers merged with a carpet manufacturer based in Amsterdam and later became known as Mohawk Carpet.

Carpet making in America

It wasn't long until a retailer by the name of Marshall Field modified an Axminster loom in order to create a rug that was woven from the back, in much the same way Oriental rugs were made. In 1926, the Karastan rug mill was established, making Karastan rugs available for the first time to the public by 1928.

During the 1930's, there was an increased demand for bedspreads which led to the development of the first mechanical tufting machine. The needle was later modified on that commercial Singer sewing machine, allowing for thick tufts of yarn to be passed into unbleached muslin, after which a knife that was attached to the machine would then cut that loop. Eventually, the rows of needles were multiplied to create rows of tufting that became known as "chenille".

Mat and rug numbers increased immensely in the early 1940's and by 1950, nearly half a million bales of cotton had been used as this industry became the third largest cotton consumer of cotton grown specifically in Georgia.

In 1976, Raymond P. Habib founded the Bloomberg Carpet Mill. He was assisted by twelve experienced employees who were as dedicated to maintaining the intricate craft of carpet weaving as he was. Now, under the strong leadership and dedication of Raymond's son, Thomas, Bloomberg Carpet is experiencing continued growth and expansion. Their commitment to quality and luxury, sustainable carpets remains a bedrock of the business. In fact, they are noted as the only carpet mill in the world to offer Wilton, Axminster and Velvet carpet, all in the same mill.

Fine Carpet

Bloomsburg Carpet – Made in America

Bloomsburg Carpet, Inc. manufactures quality carpet in the USA in a variety of styles and under the brand names; Silver Creek Carpet, Tuva Looms, and Bloomsburg Carpet.  The Bloomsburg Carpet Mill is located in the Susquehanna River Valley of Pennsylvania and weaves luxury carpet made in the U.S.A. 

For more information about the finest custom hospitality carpeting, please contact Bloomsburg Carpet today!


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New to the flock: Heather Shear Carpet by Silver Creek

A beautiful, versatile carpet for any room in your home, office or place of business

Heather Shear features 11 colorways with soft and sturdy 100% wool fibers. A random tip shear gives Heather Shear a beautifully tailored texture, perfect for any room setting.
Check out your local dealer using our Dealer Agent Locator to see Heather Shear and our other recently released line, Color Magic, here
Check Out Heather Shear here
Check Out Color Magic here
For more information and to view our Bloomsburg, Silver Creek & Tuva product lines visit us at
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Color Trends in Carpeting: How to use alternating carpet patterns and colors in the same room

Add WOW factor to your carpet installation!

When carpeting your home, office or other space, using the same color throughout can look uninspiring. At the same time, it shouldn't look like a hodgepodge of floor colors. You can maintain a look of sophistication and design flair by using different shades of the same color when you use quality carpet in a space.

Examples of coordinating carpet shades and patterns that work

Neutrals — Using neutral colors for carpeting works well and goes with many types of design styles. For example, choose a light shade such as a sandy hue for the carpeting in the majority of your home or space. Then consider using darker natural-colored carpeting in a sunken or adjacent living room or formal living area that coordinates with the lighter hue. You may also do this with light and medium gray. Use the lighter color for the majority of your carpeting. Then select darker shades to highlight different areas in your home, such as an entertainment space or a library or even your home office.  However, the reverse is also possible, it just depends on what you like best.

Nature-Inspired — Using various shades of a color found in nature such as brown, green, or blue will also work well for carpeting. For example, you can select a dark, grayish green for your hallways where the foot traffic is highest. The darker color will help to hide any dirt. Then opt for a lighter green color for each of your bedrooms. A mint green will look fabulous in your living areas and keep the decor looking bright and feeling open. Blue suede and deep sea blue are also great shades to use in your home and look quite elegant with both traditional and contemporary decor styles.

Coordinating Patterns — Choosing to mix a pattern with a solid in a similar colorway is another way to create a wow factor with carpeting. A fabulous way to do this is alternating the two with a border. It works with either the solid or the pattern as the border. Choose a geometric pattern for the a transitional look or a floral design for a more traditional appearance. This look will work well in a hallway, a formal dining room, living room, or a master bedroom to give your space a distinctive flair that everyone will love.

high quality carpeting

In a hospitality space, for example, you could also create a stripe pattern with alternating colors.  This could be a striking look in carpeting for a large event space, lobby or entranceway.

When deciding how to carpet a room create a unique high-end look by using multiple shades of one gorgeous color. Using only two or three shades works best to maintain a luxurious look.

For more information about installing carpet in alternating patterns and colors, please contact our design department at Bloomsburg Carpet today.

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