Spring Has Sprung!

Freshen up your space this spring with a new wall to wall performance carpet or rug! Our products are designed to be used inside or outside, wall to wall or area rugs!

Kick off the Spring with a brand new performance carpet or rug, designed to brighten any space in a construction that can stand up, inside or out!






Designed for every palate and tough enough for any room, indoor or outdoor.

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Working Remotely?

Are you working remotely and wondering how to get that project completed? Our custom design studio located in Bloomsburg, PA is ready to assist you, no matter your location.

At Bloomsburg Carpet, our state of the art Axminster and Wilton looms are ready to weave your next project to completion!

View our video: From Custom Design to Custom Carpet


Covid-19 Update 
We are still actively monitoring and following CDC guidelines, but remain on call and ready to assist with all design concepts and ideas.


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Fall In Love With Your Rug


Celebrate Valentine's Day with a Color Magic rug.

Beautifully designed wool carpet and American craftsmanship is a match made in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

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Contact a local dealer to see Color Magic for yourself!

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Creating Custom Axminster Carpet

Bloomsburg Carpet Hospitality is the #1 producer of Axminster carpet in the U.S.!

Check out the above video for a quick glimpse into a project that went through one of our high-speed Axminster looms. With two high speed Axminster looms, over 400 stocked color options, and an in-house design team, our carpet can be your canvas!

See our work in the below installation at the Draftsman Hotel.

Contact a local agent for all of your custom carpet needs!

For more information and to view our Bloomsburg Tuva and Silver Creek product lines visit us at bloomsburgcarpet.com.



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Carpet in Airports is More Important Than You Think

Carpet makes a difference

It is an aesthetic detail that many don't stop to think about, but carpeting in an airport plays a big part on how travelers feel while they are in transit. A luxury carpet can add a subtle, but calming influence to the terminal environment. Carpet in Airports offers a tasteful reminder of home, a familiarity relieving stress and adding comfort in the process. And if people are less stressed while during their travel, the entire travel experience will be smoother and more enjoyable. 

Why one airport's carpet design became an iconic. Thanks to social media, when people got word that PDX (Portland, ME) Airport was planning to replace their 25 year old carpet, the bright blue/green design went viral- showing up in social posts, and in thousands of tagged photos.  It became such a hit, that the airport created merchandise with the carpet design, selling everything from t-shirts to socks.   

Bloomsburg Carpet Design team offers high-end, custom designed airport carpet that is manufactured in America. Some facts you may not know about Bloomburg Carpet Mill:

Bloomsburg Carpet Industries has spent the past four decades shipping quality carpet for contract and residential spaces out of their Pennsylvania mill. Their axminster, wilton, and velvet projects have been lauded in the architect and design community for years, and have evolved over time to consistently maintain a modern, but still timeless, feel.

Silver Creek products are synonymous with excellence. Using American-made fine wools, this company's work exudes the fullness of the color spectrum in patterns both traditional and futuristic. Silver Creek carpets are most commonly seen in light traffic commercial and contract settings. 

Tuva Looms takes on a more encompassing approach to carpeting to concoct a high-end broadloom collection that pleases all parties. The design desires of the client always comes first. We work to make YOUR vision come to life, not ours. Our architects are happy and grateful to collaborate with clients in order to discover the best carpeted flooring plan for your specific space.   

If you'd like more information and to view our Bloomsburg, Silver Creek & Tuva product lines visit us at bloomsburgcarpet.com. One of the features of our website is our dealer locator that can find Bloomsburg, Silver Creek & Tuva products near you. You can also send us questions through our contact page. 

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Leading the American Axminster Carpet Industry

Click here or the above picture to view our new high speed Axminster Loom video

Bloomsburg Carpet is proud to add a new high speed Axminster loom to its roster of cutting edge technology. There are only two Axminster looms of this speed in the U.S.A. and both reside in the Bloomsburg Carpet manufacturing mill. With these brand new high speed looms, our in-house design team can make your dream a reality quicker than ever before.

Take a look below at a few custom design projects we have done in the past and be sure to contact us for any custom carpet needs in the future.

L Y R I C  T H E A T E R

D R A F T S M E N  H O T E L

Click to view our original high speed Axminster Loom video

For more information and to view our Bloomsburg, Silver Creek & Tuva product lines visit us at bloomsburgcarpet.com

Use our dealer locator to find Bloomsburg, Silver Creek & Tuva products near you.

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Rain or Shine — Beautiful Broadloom

Soak up the sun with our brand new beautiful line of carpet suitable for inside and outside your home. The UV stabilized yarn is resistant against the Sun's rays and pesky spills. Simply hose off soil and it's as good as new! Check out the below scenes to see carpet that refuses to sacrifice pretty for performance!







Designed for every palate and tough enough for any room, indoor or outdoor.

Use our dealer locator to find Silver Creek's Indoor/Outdoor products near you.

For more information and to view our Bloomsburg, Silver Creek & Tuva product lines visit us at bloomsburgcarpet.com





Are there benefits to buying indoor/outdoor Rugs?

Carpets with multi-use possibilities continue to gain popularity due to their numerous benefits and are now receiving as much attention as tile or hardwood flooring and an option.  These indoor/outdoor carpets or rugs are also now available in a multitude of elegant designs such as these

When thinking about purchasing new rugs for your home, office or business, you can maximize their purpose if you consider they can be moved from indoors to outdoors.  There are many benefits to purchasing indoor/outdoor rugs instead of conventional material rugs.  

High Quality Outdoor Rugs by Silver Creek Carpet

Here are some of the advantages you’ll enjoy with this purchase:

  • Easy to install and use

Most of these rags are machine made and light in weight, so they have excellent mobility and can be folded easily. The simple installation process involves purchasing one and laying it down wherever you desire.

  • Durability

Contrary to the traditional fabric-made indoor rugs, this type is manufactured from rubber and other durable plastics that can withstand weather conditions. Due to their material, they are waterproof, assuring you of the best possible use and long life.

For example: Silver Creek Carpet’s indoor-outdoor products are woven with 100% UV Stabilized Polypropylene yarn. The carpet will not fade in sunlight and the yarn makes it much softer than other indoor-outdoor rugs, such as ones made with jute. 

Silver Creek’s Castaway Collection features high performance woven carpet that provides a UV stabilized, weather and wear resistant soft flooring product for both indoor and outdoor spaces. This durable polypropylene carpet is manufactured in 12 foot width and can be produced into rugs using our in-house rug fabrication services. 

  • Value

Among compelling reasons why you should buy indoor/outdoor rugs, that they are more durable and long lasting, yet they would cost you the same price or even less. In the long run, the purchase would be worth it.

  • Versatility

No matter where you place them, indoor/outdoor rugs will look beautiful and add a cozy, homey feel to the space.  


Contact us today to find the best deals for your preferred indoor/outdoor rug or made in America carpet.

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Insta Interiors featuring Silver Creek

Check out a few posts that highlight our beautiful products in beautifully designed room settings.

Be sure to follow us at @bloomsburgcarpet to see the finest carpet woven in the USA.

Tessio shines in this living room installation by using the Nickel colorway to accent the curated room perfectly. Installation done by @jodierosendesign, Tessio provided by @elte.

Tessio / Nickel / SP2276/15R • View all the Tessio Colorways here.

A refreshing space featuring Maryann on the stairs in the Lagoon colorway. Thank you @thehomerestyle.

Maryann / Lagoon / SP5237/11 • View all Maryann Colorways here.

Our Gia line, in the Stone colorway, used masterfully to bring together this beautiful dining room setting, designed by @patmayhaley.

Gia / Stone / SP3565/5R • View all the Gia Colorways here.

An elegant studio designed by @fridayinteriordesign using Mia to perfectly accent the room.

Mia / Azure / SP2752/1 • View all the Mia Colorways here.

Check out these latest Instagram posts featuring Bloomsburg Carpet installed wall to wall, on stairs, in a rug… the possibilities are endless! Be sure to tag us @bloomsburgcarpet so we can see your beautiful installations and you may be featured on our page!

Search for all Silver Creek and Bloomsburg rugs on Instagram
#SilverCreekCarpet  •  #BloomsburgCarpet

For more information and to view our Bloomsburg, Silver Creek & Tuva product lines visit us at bloomsburgcarpet.com

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Follow These Tips When Choosing a Country Club Carpet

Country Clubs reflect a sense of elegance. Here is how country club carpeting can add personality to yours

Country clubs are a place where members and their families congregate to socialize, have a meal and participate in many recreational activities – from golf to swimming to tennis and more. Country clubs provide a home away from home for members, and as such, they are often designed with luxurious comfort in mind.

The look and feel of country clubs should reflect a certain elegance, but there also needs to be an air of comfort and familiarity that make the atmosphere proper without being stuffy.

One of the best ways to elicit this feeling out of those who enter your country club is to choose a luxurious country club carpet that accents the building beautifully. The right carpet can add just the right touch to any space.

Here are some tips for how you best outfit your country club with the perfect carpet.

Make Sure Your Carpet Can Withstand the Traffic

No matter what design you choose, know that your country club carpet will have to withstand heavy traffic in just about every room. From club rooms to entryways and dining rooms, country clubs experience a high volume of traffic, and people wear a wide variety of damaging footwear, such as golf spikes and high heels.
As such, it’s extremely important that when you’re choosing your country club carpet, you make sure it is rugged and won’t pull or pill. You should also keep in mind whether a room – and therefore its carpet – will be exposed to a lot of sunlight, which could fade the carpet in areas over time. 

Evoke the Great Outdoors

While country clubs are buildings that keep people sheltered from the outdoors, they are really just places people congregate to socialize and eat before or after they enjoy activities outdoors. Whether your country club revolves around golf, swimming, tennis, a marina or any combination of the above, the fact is that members flock to the country club for the activities it provides.
One great idea when you’re choosing a country club carpet is to bring the outdoors inside. You can accomplish this through design (such as marine patterns) or through color. Many country clubs choose carpeting that has a lot of blues for water, green for grass, brown for trees and yellow for sun. Custom designs are also a possibility – anything you desire can be designed into carpet. 

Complement the Carpet with the Right Furniture

Decorating a room in a country club doesn’t stop at picking the right carpet, though. The country club carpet will only be successful in its design if you choose the right furniture that complements it perfectly.
Before settling on the pattern and colors of your country club carpet, therefore, you should consider the room it’s going in and what furniture will be in that room. If you’re selecting flooring for a dining room that has wooden tables and chairs with blue accents, for example, then selecting a carpet that has a geometric pattern with complementary blues and browns would be a good idea.

Conversely, if you are outfitting a more contemporary club room with a bar, you might choose instead for deeper reds and oranges for the carpet.

Muffle the Noise

While country clubs are often considered formal places, that doesn’t mean they are completely quiet like a library. Of course, there will be rooms in the country club that will be quieter than others, so you won’t have to worry about muffling noise in those rooms.

Other rooms such as the dining rooms, for example, can get quite noisy at times, especially if they are larger and house many tables and chairs. For rooms like this, you want to choose a country club carpet that can help muffle that sound so it doesn’t sound like you’re sitting in a popular chain restaurant on a Friday or Saturday night.

Incorporate Movement in Your Carpet

One of the most popular ways to outfit a country club is to choose a luxury carpet that has a geometric pattern. In addition to giving a sophisticated look to a room, a geometric carpet can also guide visitors in a certain direction by, for example, having a diamond pattern direct traffic flow through a buffet line.

Select a Company Who Can Provide a Best In Class Carpet

When searching for a country club carpet, make sure you’re working with a manufacturer that provides high-quality carpet and excellent customer service. 

Bloomsburg Carpet is a premier American carpet manufacturer providing the caliber of carpet required to withstand the look, feel and durability for a country club or other hospitality carpet installation.

Bloomsburg Carpet agents or dealiers can help you find a beautiful carpet that will not only look wonderful in your country club, but will last for years to come. For more information, visit our website, https://www.bloomsburgcarpet.com, or call us toll free at (800) 575-8084.

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