Metal Edge and Tuva Structure Carpets Well Received By Industry

Bloomsburg Metal Edge and Structure carpets are made in the USA.

Both broadloom woven carpets are made of Zeftron nylon.  Zeftron six fiber is a fully renewable carpet fiber that offers not only style and performance, but the carpet is recyclable at the end of its life.

 Metal Edge carpet made in the usa in Gun Metal color

Tuva Looms – Metal Edge in Gun Metal is a velvet weave, green label plus compliant carpet made in the usa

Dec. 2013 Press Release


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Metal Edge and Structure


The advanced fiber processing allows Bloomsburg Carpet and Tuva Looms to integrate high luster fibers into styles that reflect the natural patina of metals that inspired the carpet’s designers.  The resulting wire-like cable weave creates a high-end ecologically friendly American made carpet that maintains clean, modern lines reflective of modern architectural details.  Bloomsburg Carpet’s VP of Sales, Jim Cody says “Metal Edge and Structure are the result of great design, great tooling and a highly versatile fiber system from Zeftron nylon”.  Cody continued, “Architects and designers will not only appreciate the appealing look of these styles, but also their ability to perform extremely well in virtually any commercial setting”.

Both carpets are green label plus compliant and are available in 12-foot broadloom rolls.  Metal Edge has a 53.6 ounce face weight, while Structure features a 49 ounce face weight.  Each beautiful velvet-weave carpet is available in one of seven complimentary colors, including Corrugated, Leaden, Gunmetal, Core, Foundry, Chain Mail, and Plow.

Tim Blount, Zeftron nylon Business Leader stated about Zeftron, “We are pleased we could put Zeftron’s styling and rich color pallet to use with these two new products”.  Architects and designers specifying the use of these carpets made in the USA, are eligible to achieve LEED Credits.  Zeftron is a closed loop, MBDC Cradle to Cradle certified brand that comes standard with a 25% recycled content in each yarn system.  Zeftron also offers lifetime performance and stain removal guarantees.

The news about this high-end designer carpet made in the USA by Bloomsburg’s Tuva Looms has been well received by several industry websites and publications including:


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We are happy to report that the industry has warmly recognized the quality carpets produced by Tuva Looms and Bloomsburg.  Blount also stated the following about his feelings about partnering with Bloomsburg, “Bloomsburg’s ability to create innovative, stylish, and performance-driven products makes partnering with them a pleasure”.



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