Making a Comeback – Made in the USA!

Caterpillar, Ford, NCR and Whirlpool, to name only a few, have brought manufacturing back from over seas, and even Frisbee molding from Wham-O has left Mexico for the U.S.

More than half of U.S. based manufacturing executives at companies with sales of more than $1 billion plan to re-shore production to the U.S. from China or are actively considering it.

A recent IndustryWeek study found that 85 percent of Americans and 82 percent of Chinese consumers believe that products made in America are of high-quality.

Bloomberg news discusses the internaitonal strength of the made in the USA LabelBloomburg Businessweek says “To most of the world, “Made in the USA” still means something special: quality, dependability, safety, reliability”, pair that with rising wages in China and the Made in the USA label is seeing a surge in popularity on the international market as consumers world wide can afford the best product available.

High-quality, dependability, safety, reliability, best product available have all been terms that American Carpet Manufacturer, Bloomsburg Carpet identifies with.  Nestled in the Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania since 1976 the carpet manufacturer has made a name for itself that is synonymous with luxurious carpet made in the USA.  The only American carpet manufacturer capable of producing Wilton, Axminster and Velvet Weave carpets in a variety of natural and synthetic fabrics, Bloomsburg American made carpets can be found in the finest office buildings, government buildings, airports, hotels, private clubs, private aircraft and upscale homes in the country.

The use of sustainable resources is vital and Bloomsburg, like many American manufacturers, never lost sight of this fact.  Preservation of the planet’s most valuable resources, including cultural achievements and centuries old manufacturing methods continue to be preserved in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, where carpet manufacturing is their 150 year old heritage.  Bloomsburg Carpet continues to make a conscious effort to improve the environment as well, utilizing natural wool and recycled Zeftron Nylon fibers, ensuring a product that will maintain the reputation of high quality standards American manufacturers have internationally for generations to come.






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