Carpet is the safe choice for the home

Senior Safety –Why Carpeting Is the Right Choice

Know your options and why carpet makes sense

Carpeting is more than just a pretty covering for your floor; for seniors it's a practical and possibly injury saving addition to their environment. From nursing homes to hospitals the use of durable slip reducing, flame retardant and water resistant carpeting has become mainstream and is proving to provide a safer environment for seniors.

Affordable and Reliable

For charm, color and perceived warmth you can't beat the impact of carpeting, but there are a few rules to keep in mind when shopping for that perfect carpet. Choose carpet that covers a large area, wall to wall is best. Any edges that will be crossed should be secured to the floor. No area rugs or indoor door mats. They slide and roll easily and can be hazardous to those with less than secure footing. The carpet you choose should be low or lower in pile height and have a non-slip backing or installed pad. Again the pad height shouldn't be overly thick.

Better Grip Means No Slip

Seniors who walk unassisted, and those who use a cane or walker to stabilize themselves, all benefit from the texture of carpeting. It prevents equipment, and shoes or bare feet, from slipping. Even wet or damp carpet reduces the fall risk by offering better grip underfoot, and studies show that seniors who do slip and fall on a carpeted floor are twice as likely to avoid serious injuries.

There Are Plenty of Choices

There are plenty of good reasons to consider carpeting for seniors but improved safety is the most important reason of all.


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