Made in the U.S.A., Tom Habib and the U.S. Senate

All American - Bloomsburg Carpet is proud to be "made in the U.S.A.", Tom Habib help's to keep his father's legacy alive, and Bloomsburg Carpet shares work completed for the U.S. Senate.

Tom Habib, President of Bloomsburg Carpet Industries, Inc. Tom Habib helps Bloomsburg continue to grow and expand with its commitment to quality and design remaining strong.


Bloomsburg Carpet was founded in 1976 by Raymond P. Habib along with twelve experienced employees dedicated to maintaining the craft of carpet weaving in the U.S.A.  Over 35 years later, Bloomsburg Carpet’s integrity is maintained and strengthened by the leadership of Raymond’s son, Thomas Habib. Bloomsburg continues to grow and expand, with its commitment to quality and design remaining strong.

Recently Bloomsburg Carpet decided to give the world a sneak peek into the mill to show how employees were fabricating carpet for the United States Senate.  This has been a project that Bloomsburg Carpet has been very proud to be a part of, renewing the floors of the United States Senate.  Through the years, Bloomsburg Carpet has installed several United States Federal, State, City and Government projects.  As an American carpet manufacturer, Bloomsburg Carpet is pleased to serve its country, one floor at a time.  Take a look at our photos from the mill!

The first roll-off of the U.S. Senate carpet inside the Bloomsburg Carpet mill.

Bloomsburg Carpet wishes you and your family a very safe and happy Fourth of July holiday.

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