Luxury Commercial Carpets Provide Hotel Guests with the Creature Comforts of Home

There is something very comforting about stretching out your toes and feeling the soft fibers curl up in between the spaces

hotel rooms at the Four Seasons Chicago

Geometric patterns and contrasting color add movement to hotel rooms at the Four Seasons Chicago

Business travelers, often weary from days or often weeks on the road look to the hospitality of the worlds best hotels for many of the creature comforts denied by work days away from home.  Plush carpeting in hotel rooms provides guests with a reminder of home, grounding them in warm softness after being cramped in 17" of business class quarters while shuttling across the country from convention to convention.

Interior carpeting has been one of the few luxuries that is purposely designed for both minimalist interiors and opulent decors. Whether it is a customized multi-level/multi-color decorative piece, or basic no-frills floor covering, the choices you make while designing any hospitality space sets the entire mood and purpose of the room. The inclinations in fashionable interior carpeting have varied little over recent years, leaning towards more muted and warm earth tones that were highly marketable as being interchangeable with multiple palettes. Fortunately, this trend toward marketability is dissolving and opening up bold new choices for color, texture, and design as the economy begins to recover!

With the threat of real estate value no longer looming, hotel management and owners are dropping the once over used colors of beige and gray that would normally provide a neutral background in which to build on. Instead bold color choices are being added to bring a personal flair to all too often color washed hotel rooms and hallways. Splashes of purples, reds, greens, and blues once more invite energy and personality. Making what was once utilitarian hotel floor covering become the center stage for entertaining and luxurious hotel living for the road weary and vacationer alike!

The quality of materials and color has improved in recent years as well with renewable, eco-friendly nylons and wool blends, providing colorfast hues of rich burgundies, chartreuse, violets, ceruleans and emerald greens. With the high-quality yarns at their disposal manufacturers like BCI can create custom designs for any hotel room, suite, grand entry or ball room.  Hotels, restaurants and theaters are limited only by the imagination of the worlds best interior designers.

There are other ways that hospitality design trends are breaking out of traditional roles of carpet use. With multiple loom types American carpet manufacturer Bloomsburg Carpet, delivers bold textures to a designers bag of tricks.  With time tested Axminster, Wilton and Velvet weaving methods and modern CAD designing techniques, the sky is the limit for fresh inventive carpet design. A colorful three dimensional herringbone design with multi-level piles makes a visual statement when entering a room. That same stunning carpet with its varied heights provides added surface area to allow for a quieter atmosphere where groups may gather in large numbers.  Instead of setting the backdrop for cold mass produced furniture, Bloomsburg Luxury Carpet, always made in the USA, provides designers working for hospitality industries flooring that with deliberate design and colorfast, sustainable, long wearing materials in pragmatic patterns provides hotels, theaters, and restaurants the ultimate in luxury and design purpose for every carpeted room. 


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