Luxury Carpet: Accept No Substitutes

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An Unavoidable Choice
What we cover our floors with matters. It's not if we choose, but what we choose. So a "pros and cons" analysis is here. 

Hard Floor Coverings 
Increasingly popular, this option certainly has advantages. Many appreciate the appeal of less maintenance compared to carpet. Combine that with the variety available to homeowners. Hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile: each of these options has a huge selection to choose from.

But are there drawbacks? Below are a few:

•  Not one hard floor covering provides the noise reducing effect of wall-to-wall carpeting.

•  Carpet also provides a softness and physical comfort factor lacking in hard floors.

•  Although it may seem like maintenance for hard floor coverings may be slightly reduced, they require more day to day cleaning.

•  Finally, damage and "wear and tear" do occur. Only a diamond is forever. 

"Affordable" Carpet 

Oddly enough, those who choose hard floors invariably cover part of it with area rugs. This is testimony to the desirability of a carpeted floor. And when people are inclined to choose carpeting, they are sometimes attracted to less expensive selections. The consumer's belief could be that there's no reason to spend more on carpeting than necessary.

But let's not ignore the valid reasons to purchase a higher-end carpet:

The Preferred Choice: Luxury Carpeting

•  Comfort: The price of quality carpeting is justifiable because you're receiving a more densely produced carpet. Literally, that means more fibers per square inch. That means a more comfortable "quality of life" experience.   

•  Durability: In concert with the reason mentioned above, luxury carpet lasts longer simply because there's more fiber to share the effects of daily use.

•  "Cleanability": Carpet fiber is produced from a wide variety of different raw materials. Reasonably, this difference becomes obvious when maintenance and cleaning occur. This simply means that a quality carpet cleans up easier and better than a more "affordable" carpet.


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