Lisa Slayman and the New Do-Re-Mi Collection

Award-winning designer Lisa J. Slayman is the principal of Slayman Design Associates, Inc. (SDA) and a designer for Bloomsburg Carpet

Bloomburg Carpet’s new Do-Re-Mi Collection by Lisa Slayman of Slayman Design Associates Inc., was just launched in January.  Lisa Slayman shares with us how she and her team develops a new carpet collection and how this line is a great match for the Hospitality market.

LISA J. SLAYMAN is the principal of Slayman Design Associates, Inc. (SDA)

LISA J. SLAYMAN is the principal of Slayman Design Associates, Inc. (SDA)

“When developing a new carpet collection, it is important to observe what is trending in the design world, how we got there, and distinguish between a fad and a true trend.

“These days, innovative floorcovering technology and techniques are creating many opportunities to develop amazing Do Re Mi Liesl Lisa Slayman Bloomsburg Carpetproducts.  Modern with sophisticated styling, tailored, and luxuriant were my thoughts when developing my new Do-Re-Mi collection.  A field of 100% wool fine denier yarn from Italy, accented with heat-set nylon yarn adds the subtle luminescence that allows light to reflect and create dimension in this 216-pitch Wilton line.

“Each of the four new patterns  – Liesl, a diamond pattern; Brigitta, a brick pattern; Marta, a circle pattern (all shown in Ivory), and Gretl, a Greek key pattern) is offered in five soft, warm tones from grays to crème.

“Wool is not only soft , it has a long lasting resiliency as a floorcovering fiber, is a natural Brigatta Lisa Slayman Bloomsburg Carpetand renewable product, and is self extinguishing when exposed to a flame, which makes my  new collection not only attractive for residential application but also for the Hospitality market.”

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