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Inviting Guests for the Holidays? Try These Valuable Carpet Cleaning Tips

Great home décor, delicious food and happy conversation are the top three things hosts focus on when it comes to inviting guests over for the holiday season. However, one of the most vulnerable items to damage is carpeting. If you are hosting the holiday dinner this year, vacuuming your carpets may not be enough to keep them clean. Here are a few carpet cleaning and prevention tips to consider before welcoming guest into your home:


Use a Doormat

Shoes will track in a lot of debris. A doormat can help keep your carpets looking (and smelling) clean longer. Perhaps you have some left over carpet remnants stored away in your attic. Maybe now is the time to use it! Simply cut a piece to the perfect size door mat to fit the entrance to your living space.  For neater look, bring it to a carpet expert to bind the edges.


Just because a carpet appears to be clean on the surface doesn't mean that it is actually clean. Harmful bacteria may be lurking on your carpet. As a result, it can let off foul odors. Make sure you avoid cleaning products that mask odors. Consider giving your carpet a deep steam cleaning a few days before your guest arrive.

Vacuum Regularly

From the first day your luxury carpet is installed, make sure you vacuum on a daily basis. Often times, people will neglect vacuuming their carpets because they are new. Vacuuming daily will retrieve debris from your floors and keep it from seeping into your carpet.  Once dirt and grime seeps into the tiny crevices of your carpet it can trap unpleasant odors.

Lastly, do not ignore your luxury carpet manufacture’s cleaning guidelines.  Following the manufacturers advice will help keep your carpets looking (and smelling) clean longer. Luxury carpet manufactures provide various tips on how to maintain high-end carpeting.  You will find a good deal of information on our website here. Even if you plan to hire a professional carpet cleaner to maintain your quality carpets, it helps to know this important information for those carpet emergencies that are bound to happen.  

Cleaning Tip: Did you know that 80% of carpet stains can be removed by using one simple solution—tap water? Use a clean white towel and press over the stain to help absorb the stain. Take a small amount of tap water and dab the towel over the stain in a blotting motion. Do this until the stain is completely gone.

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