Introduction to Carpet Weave Structures

Axminster, Wilton and Velvet Weaving Structures: what are they and how are they different?

Today, weaving represents the highest standard of luxury in residential and commercial carpet manufacturing. There are three main weave structures used in American carpet-making: Axminster, Wilton and Velvet.


Axminster carpet is produced on a jacquard loom creating pile carpets with an infinite scope of pattern design axminster weave bloomsburg carpetcontaining up to 12 colors. This weave structure is based on a hand-weave which originated in the small English town of Axminster back in the Eighteenth Century. Axminster carpets are woven on looms to provide flexibility in colors and design. Each piece of pile yarn in an Axminster carpet is individually woven into place. This unique construction process provides Axminster carpets with superior durability and aesthetic beauty. 


wilton weave bloomsburg carpetWilton carpet is also manufactured on a jacquard loom and is the most versatile and unique weave structure. By the addition of wires, the Wilton loom can have various carpet pile options including level or multilevel piles, cut and/or loop piles up to 12 colors. Wilton carpets are pile carpets whereby the pile is formed by inserting wires in the pile warps of the carpet. After extraction of the wires the pile is looped (in case straight wires have been used) or cut (in case cutting wires are used). Because the yarn is buried on the back and only lifted when a specific color is needed, giving Wilton-woven carpets superior body, resilience and quality.


Velvet looms use a wire system allowing a wide variety of texture and color effects to be
produced with loop and/or cutVelvet bloomsburg carpet carpet piles of varying heights. Pile is formed by looping yarn over the wires, cutting the loop as the wires are removed to produce a cut velvet pile. A Loop Velvet weave creates a high and low texture on the weave for an endless variety of patterns. Single Beam loom generally is used for making solid-colored carpets, while a Double Beam loom allows for more color and pattern versatility.

Bloomsburg Carpet is the only carpet mill in the world offering Wilton, Axminster and Velvet Carpet weaves under one roof.

Visit our website to learn more about our weaving method and each of these three different carpet weaving structures.

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