Introducing Even More New Bloomsburg Designs!

Our new designs are each uniquely beautiful and practical to meet your many needs

At Bloomsburg Carpet, we are dedicated to producing highly styled carpets of superior design and luxurious quality. We are in the processing of debuting new lines, and we think we have a new creation to fit the criteria you either want or might not yet realize you need!

You want: High-luster

As we noted in a previous blog posthigh-luster carpeting is luxurious and rich with color and texture. It is designed to complement the most beautiful of spaces.

New line: Shimmer

Shimmer is a high-end, luxurious residential Wilton weave. The high-luster wool & nylon blend is a modern broadloom carpet. Shimmer comes in neutral colors with 7 different shades of grey and cream to choose from!

Shimmer in Chamois

Shimmer in Chamois


You want: High-luster and eco-friendly

At Bloomsburg Carpet, we design, develop, and create products that avoid depletion of raw material resources and prevent further environmental degradation. We are committed to exceeding your expectations with superior products that meet the demands of today’s interiors without compromising the needs of future generations.

New lines: Kaching and Brigitta

Kaching from Silver Creek introduces high end residential overwire eco-friendly broadloom carpet wool & high luster nylon yarn.

Brigitta from Lisa Slayman’s new Do-Re-Mi Collection is a high end residential high luster wool Wilton that is also eco-friendly.

SP3000_5R Brigitta Slate_0 SP3196_8R Kaching Topaz

You want: Commercial

It is our mission to design and craft every carpet to be beautiful and durable for both residential and commercial purposes. Our carpets with proper care will outlast even the most classic interior designs!

New line: Time and Again

Like our residential lines, Time and Again is high end, but the geometric velvet weave is more suitable for commercial purposes. The 100% Nylon carpet comes in a wide variety of 8 distinct colors. 

Time and Again

Time and Again


Which of our new designs do you like best? Learn about these lines and more by visiting our website!

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