How to Choose the Right Carpet Colors for Your Home

Are you working on a new decorating project this year? In 2016, there are a variety of luxury carpet trends to choose from. It’s no longer about color alone – it's all about color and texture. The latest high-end carpet trends will include soft textures and layered colors. Bold colors will range from cherry red to red clay and indigo night to blue tapestry. Here are three important things to consider when choosing quality carpet:


Consider your traffic level? If your home is a high traffic zone, it is more prone to stains, spills and tracked in dirt. If you choose a light color carpet, make sure you opt for a luxury carpet which will be more stain resistant in comparison to lower quality carpets. High quality carpets will last longer.


Design really does matter. Choosing a focal point is the most important aspect of interior decorating. If your carpet is your focal point, make sure it works well with a piece of furniture or painting. Too many patterns will appear busy, in which case you might want to choose a more subtle pattern or a solid carpet. 


Space counts. To tone down a small space or brighten up a dark room, cherry red is great for making a room appear larger. Red is also an excellent option for hiding stains. However, there is one drawback and that is fading, due to high levels of sunlight, but that can be easily avoided with the appropriate drapery.


Before making a final decision on the color of your luxury carpet, choose the right carpet manufacturer preferably carpet that is made in the U.S.A.  Bloomsburg Carpet specializes in quality carpeting that contains an assortment of fibers and textures. You may view our products here

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