How To: Brand Your Office and Set the Tone

Have you branded your office space? Do you know how?

When you walk into your office everyday does it provide excitement, calmness or trustworthiness?  Does it represent your brand and exude something else that is important to you, your employees or prospective clients?  Or, is it lacking entirely?

Set the Tone

silver creek-bling bloomsburg carpet

Setting the tone for your office might spark charisma, creativity and productivity.  It can be felt in the front lobby, around desks and in the conference room.  Perhaps calmness can be felt in the break room instead of just a water jug, and white walls.  Re-thinking the design and feel for your office space is where you can truly let your brand set the tone for your working environment.

cool office space ukIn a blog by Fil Anastasio, from the design firm SHP called “Branding In My Office”  he says: “Things like color, textures and materials all can and should reflect the brand.  Even how an office layout is designed has an affect on not only the clients that visit but the employees that work there.”  He also included a snippet from a Design Intelligence article by Christine Astorino entitled  The Promise of Space: Branding and Architecture in Theory and Practice”  where she says:

“Though consumers commonly associate a brand with a logo, slogan, or product, the brand proper actually exceeds all these things. A true brand is an emotional experience, one that is specific to a product or a service or an environment. The experience extends beyond tangible objects to include thoughts, feelings, and sensory reactions to the designed object, space, or activity. These emotional components are the essence of brand and the first step in the process of designing communications, products, identities, and environments.”

We saw a few people that were doing it right over in the UK.  By not knowing the story behind the spaces it is unknown if these offices represent their brand and culture, however, we like what we see.  What do you think?

Melbourne – Top 10 coolest offices in UK

and check out….

The 15 Coolest Office Spaces in NYC

Re-think Design

When you begin to re-think the way you want to design your office, think about what’s most important first – is it your people, mission, commitment to success?  What kind of colors, textures, feelings, cultural facets and art will you include?  Will you only limit yourself to walls or will you keep in mind beautifully designed carpet to make a great statement for your lobby, down the hallways and wrapped around working spaces?  How about color and texture on the ceiling or metal and art hanging from the ceiling?  How will light come into play in every space?

As a business owner or head of the company, you have the ability to influence cultural changes around your office.  Make it a space – and not an office.

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