How Luxurious! Animal Prints from Silver Creek

Animal prints to make anyone's head turn! Tips for making these designs come alive in your home or office

Roberto Cavalli Insired by Silver Creek and Bloomsburg Carpet“Leopard is an animal design, and my designs come from nature.” – Designer Roberto Cavalli

Our animal prints designed by Silver Creek Carpet come from the same inspiration as Mr. Cavalli. Silver Creek Carpet is named for the beauty and tranquility of the Idaho Sun Valley, and much if its inspiration is found in nature.

The two latest animal prints from Silver Creek Carpet are our Hyde and Jackal designs. These luxurious and trendy designs come in black and silver or black and camel and are sure to make a statement in any room. Both are bold in their own ways – Hyde keeps the eye wandering with contrasting colors within the spots, while Jackal is more of a classic animal print.


Hyde in black & camelJackal_silver_WEB1

Jackal in black & silver

Animal carpet may sound like a wild idea, but when done correctly, it can truly breathe life and energy into a room in the most beautiful way.

Leopard_web (2)

A few tips for decorating with animal print include:

  • Limit the print. You want your designs to compliment one another, not compete. Other prints will clash, but simple color schemes will help draw in the focus.
  • Less is more. To avoid animal overload, limit your print to just the carpet. This type of decor can go from gorgeous to gaudy if you try to do too much. The key is to keep it looking effortless.
  • Go faux. Once you see how great animal print looks on your carpet, you’ll be tempted to add touches all around your home. One thing to keep in mind is that faux animal print is best for the environment. Silver Creek Carpet is recognized for a resolute commitment to our global environment, and its fine products begin with wool, one of nature’s gifts that addresses the ever-increasing need for respect of our global environment.

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