Getting to Know Our Director of Design David Boyd Jr.

Meet a Very Talented and Experienced Member of Our Design Team!

Throughout the past 20 years, the Bloomsburg Carpet Director of Design David Boyd Jr. has played a key role in the development of our high-end carpets. From behind-the-scenes productions to laying out show room settings, David does it all.

As the Director of Design, David has many responsibilities. When he’s not busy developing stock SKUs and creating new weave structures, he’s working with the sales force on custom Axminster and Wilton designs. On the production side, he lays out all  patterns for card cutting equipment and electronic looms, as well as processes production information for the Compulen yarn winding system.

David began at Bloomsburg Carpet more than 20 years ago after he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in drawing. Inspired by the clean, linear look of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work, David has helped produce many of Bloomsburg designs. His favorite is the upcoming line called “Beamish.”

Coming soon - Beamish!

Coming soon – Beamish!

David appreciates the opportunities he has had to work with top-of-the-line designers including Lisa Slayman and Terry Bowers. He finds watching their approach to design and development to be very educational to his own work.

Most recently,  the Wynn Las Vegas selected one of David’s patterns to compliment the luxurious hotel. David expects to see more hotel design in his future that will involve custom designs, but first on his plate, is the next new development lines for Bloomsburg or Silver Creek.

David’s favorite part about working for Bloomsburg Carpet is the variety of work for which he is involved, and he handles quite a bit! When he’s away from the mill, he enjoys playing golf and coaching his kid’s sports teams.

To learn more about David’s designs and other Bloomsburg Carpet lines, be sure to visit our website!


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