Q&A: Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Office or Commercial Space

What is your budget, style? How can you help prevent soiling? Questions to consider when buying your new carpet

When choosing the right carpet for your office or commercial space, you’ll need to consider a number of factors, such as your budget, décor and color preferences, as well as the type of space or area you will be covering. Here are five important questions to ask to help lead you in the right direction. Read more.

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Lobby of the Alaska Performing Arts Center

What is your budget?

Establish a budget then weigh the pros and cons to determine your best options. When thinking about your budget, also estimate how often you will need to replace the carpet in a high-traffic area, for instance. You might come to the conclusion that it is actually best to invest in a higher-quality carpet now that will better withstand wear and tear.

What styles and colors will look best in the space?

While the carpet needs to be practical and durable, also think about what styles and colors best complement the space. Do you envision a more contemporary or classic look for the room, darker or lighter hues, etc.? View Bloomsburg Carpet’s extensive online product catalog for design ideas.

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Which type of carpet fiber is best suited for high-traffic areas?

Certain types of carpets hold up better to stains, dirt and wear and tear than others. Get educated about the different types of carpet fibers available, so you can make an informed decision. For instance, nylon fiber is generally more durable than other carpet fibers. Your sales agent can discuss the different carpet types and fibers, and which will work best for your situation.

How often will your carpet need to be maintained?

Depending on the situation, you may need more regular maintenance for certain areas. Preventative maintenance and regular cleaning and spot removal are essential to ensuring the longevity of your carpet. You can find some helpful maintenance guidelines here from The Carpet and Rug Institute.

What steps can you take to reduce the rate of soiling?

When purchasing your carpet, also ask your sales representative about how to prevent soiling, such as using mats and grilles in high-traffic areas as well as use of a soil-retardant/stain repellent finish.

For more Frequently Asked Questions, visit our website’s F.A.Q. page.

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