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Why choosing eco-friendly nylon or wool carpets helps cut down on waste

bloomsburg carpet for commercial spacesAt some point or another you have used nylon.  Maybe you have a rain jacket made of nylon, a suitcase, shorts, an umbrella, tires, a bathing suit or for the ladies, something you might use everyday – a mascara brush.  Nylon is everywhere and Bloomsburg Carpet provides customers a choice – to be eco-friendly consumers with eco-friendly nylon.

Zeftron nylon bloomsburg carpetBut how can you be an eco-friendly consumer?  By helping to “keep millions of pounds of waste out of landfills.”  For instance, Bloomsburg Carpet’s efforts to use recycled materials and recover old carpet has done it’s part to help our environment in the same way.

Most Bloomsburg Carpets can be certified GREEN LABEL PLUS, the higher standard for indoor air quality!  At Bloomsburg Carpet, we design, develop, and create products that avoid depletion of raw material resources and prevent further environmental degradation.

As a consumer, you can choose… 

Throughout the stages of manufacturing and the final delivery and installation of carpet products, the environment can be affected in several ways.  Chemical emissions and the depletion of natural resources from manufacturing and transporting, along with the quality of the air indoors upon installation of carpet, and disposal costs at landfills can all play a part.  As a consumer, you can choose carpet that minimizes these impacts.  Poorly made carpet means a shorter expected lifetime, which unfortunately means more waste for the United States.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States (or EPA) “Over four billion pounds of carpet enter the solid waste stream in the U.S. every year, accounting for more than one percent by weight and about two percent by volume of all municipal solid waste (MSW).”  The EPA goes on to say that “the bulky nature of carpet creates collection and handling problems for solid waste operations.”  So when thinking about what kind of carpet you should choose for a commercial or residential space no matter what the size, it’s best to either choose carpets that are made of 100% wool, or eco-friendly nylon carpets, made by American carpet manufacturers.  Before we share some information about the nylon brands we carry, we want to share some sustainable, green, eco-friendly facts that you might not know about wool:

bloomsburg carpet eco-friendly carpet


  • Wool is completely natural. It is composed entirely of amino acids, the building blocks of life
  • Wool is renewable and biodegradable natural fiber
  • Raised and manufactured with little impact on the natural landscape, wool is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly products
  • Wool is produced from a totally renewable resource—grass



  • Wool has the natural ability to absorb indoor air contaminants
  • Wool is a non-allergenic fiber and does not promote the growth of bacteria or dust mites, or give off harmful emissions

And why nylon carpets for a corporate office, hotel, law firm, country club, casino, university, home or home office?


We use Bloomsburg Nylon and Zeftron® Enviro6ixTM fibers in the making of our nylon carpets. These environmentally responsible yarn systems offer the
outstanding styling, exceptional color clarity, and superior performance you expect from Bloomsburg.


We use this high-performance nylon in our skein-dyed products. It contains 30% recycled Nylon 6 content and is designed to meet the specification
requirements of sustainable buildings.

zeftron nylon bloomsburg carpet industriesZEFTRON® ENVIRO6IX®

This premium Nylon 6 yarn system contains a minimum of 25% recycled content. The depth, color clarity, and exceptional performance characteristics of
Zeftron® Enviro6ix® make it the ideal fiber for our solution-dyed products.

Carpets made from Bloomsburg Nylon and Zeftron nylon, or any currently installed carpets being replaced with Bloomsburg Nylon, are eligible for our recycling program. We guarantee that the recovered nylon face fiber will not be landfilled.   

The Type 6 Nylon used in Bloomsburg Nylon and Zeftron is 100% recyclable. It can be endlessly recovered and is considered a renewable material.

We are committed to exceeding your expectations with superior products that meet the demands of today’s interiors without compromising the needs of future generations.


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