FALLing into plaid

As retail stores start to signal the arrival of Halloween we start yearning for cooler evenings enjoyed by the fire with family...Bloomsburg encourages you to Fall into Plaid.

Royal Edition-Scottish GreenEnjoy these specially selected design suggestions when recreating these classic looks in your home with Fall 2015 hottest design trend!


Celebrities equate plaids and tartan fabric with classic masculinity and comfort. Used extensively in Ralph Lauren's New York home and again in the Hudson Valley home library of famed hairstylist Kenneth Battelle.  Designers have been using plaids on and off since the turn of the century. This fall it's back, with all it's history, tradition and historical mystique.

Designers are encorporating beautiful tartan's every where this season and no where is it least expected than on floors. Unique and strong is how it plays out in our hearts and minds. Here are some classic rooms where it's featured as a focal point. We invite you to recreate using our Royal Edition plaid carpets. Our wool/nylon blended tartan patterns will stand the test of time, perfect for any study or boys room!

The image above features a mid-century living room with a green and red tartan. Bloomsburg's Scottish Green, from the Royal Edition, would recreate this look nicely, complimenting the green fainting couch and pull from the black accent's throughout the room.

Below is a spiraling staircase featuring a bold tartan plaid. Those wishing to recreate this bold, adventurous look can use our Kilt Red again from the Royal Edition line of Bloomsburg's Carpet.

Royal Edition Kilt Red


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