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Tuva Looms is definitely one of many excellent stylish and durable options available from Bloomsburg Carpet

Working with your client means meeting their expectations and making them happy.  It also means feeling happy that you could make their design needs turn into a reality.  With so many carpet manufacturers in business, it can be hard to choose brands, but quality should definitely be your first option!  Tuva Looms is definitely one of many excellent stylish and durable options available from Bloomsburg Carpet. 

Tuva Looms is named for a remote region in the heart of Central Asia with a heritage rich in rugs and textiles.  These carpets are renowned for their unique weaving pattern of face & back as one.  Colors, textures and patterns are conceived to work together creating refined juxtapositions and seamless transitions.

An allied adventure of great proportions:  Bloomsburg Carpet & TUVA Looms, is the result of a collaboration between Suzanne Tick (pictured) and Terry Mowers.  Thoughtfully designed and richly woven broadloom is made of durable synthetic fibers with the eclectic appeal of organic materials.  It boasts a sophisticated aesthetic influenced by modern architecture, a refined neutral palette, and the outstanding quality essential to coalesce with Bloomsburg Carpet Industries.

Suzanne Tick received her B.F.A. in woven design from the University of Iowa and an associate degree in Applied Arts from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Museum exhibitions include her stainless steel woven structures which were shown at MOMA as part of the 1998 exhibit Structure & Surface. Her fabric imbedded panels, Imago, were shown in 2002 at US Design 1975 – 2000 at the Denver Art Museum. Suzanne is currently the chair
 of the labor trade and crafts advisory council at the Fetzer Institute.

Suzanne Tick Design awards include Interior Design’s Best of the Year Award 2008 for modular carpet tile Manufactured Landscapes, and Interior Design’s Best of the Year Award 2011 for Fila drapery for KnollTextiles. Suzanne Tick Inc. has also claimed numerous Gold Awards in the past several years for Tandus Flooring, KnollTextiles and Skyline Design.

You can search for various Tuva designs here.  You will find many beautiful colors, textures, depth and designs.

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At Bloomsburg Carpet Industries, we are dedicated to producing highly styled carpets of superior quality.  We are committed to the time-honored technique of carpet weaving and the beauty and excellence that this technique creates.  We are passionate about the tradition of American manufacturing and are committed to keeping the long history of carpet weaving alive and thriving in the U.S.A.  Finally, we stand behind the environmental responsibility of our products and will continue to design and produce with attention to sustainability.

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