Designers ready themselves for the year of Radiant Orchid

"a color that emanates great joy, love and health"...

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pantone radiant orched decor ideasDecember 5, 2014
Pantone Inc. released its color of the year, Radiant Orchid (18-3224).  Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman stated on Bloomberg news today that Pantone’s “feeler, antennas had been out all year”. Using many indicators, the company decided that the world was gearing up for a year of creativity, innovation, originality and inventiveness in 201In a 2012 twitter interview, one participant asked Eiseman what influences Pantone Color choices.  She answered, “Pantone evaluates fashion trends, entertainment and art, history, cyclical patterns, socio-economic influences for clues and direction.”

radiant orchid carpet colorsPurple has not been a shade on Pantone Inc.’s radar in over 10 years. Some might consider 2008’s Blue Iris (18-3943) a shade of purple, but not Pantone. The company considers 2001’s Fuchsia Rose (17-2031) more purple than 2008’s Iris color, and during the Bloomberg financial newscast, Eiseman, who smiled brightly while she discussed the forecast for the coming year with the panel, described the orchid color as “an adult color”. The Director has also been quoted saying purple is “a color that emanates great joy, love and health”.

She pointed out the importance of making smart color choices and surrounding ourselves with color every day.  The industry maven has long advised those who are afraid to use bright colors as main colors in their decor or wardrobes to start with accessories, throw pillows and vases are a great place to start.  For those who are still trepidatious she suggests, “Use a complementary neutral color as a base and, as you build confidence, begin to include patterns and bold colors; then make the move to larger more permanent pieces.”


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