Custom Carpet Designs: Conception to Conclusion

No matter your motif - classic historical looks, contemporary bold geometrical shapes or completely custom - Bloomsburg has is ready for you.

Maintained & strengthened by the leadership of the founder’s son, Bloomsburg Carpet’s reputation as an industry leader continues to expand while their commitment to quality, luxurious, sustainable designer carpets remains as strong as the day they opened.


Mark Thomann of Bloomsburg Carpet and the League of Historic American Theatres, The Theater Historical Society of America

Mark Thomann of Bloomsburg Carpet and the League of Historic American Theatres, The Theater Historical Society of America

American Carpet Manufacturer Bloomsburg Carpet Industries is proudly recognized as the only carpet mill in the world to offer Wilton Carpet, Axminster Carpet, and Velvet Carpet weaves in one carpet mill. This allows the American carpet manufacturer the ultimate flexibility to offer an unparalleled variety of custom carpet design choices to designers as well as provides the ability to offer virtually limitless designs for carpet re-creations to institution directors, museum curators, and historical preservationists.

Bloomsburg’s carpeting resides in the most prestigious hotels, country clubs, casinos, airports, and government buildings around the world.   Agents and designers from all walks put the carpet in high rise executive spaces, libraries, and theaters. You will also find it in cruise ships, luxury air liners, and limos.  It really doesn’t matter where this luxury carpet is used, what does matter is that every space floored that offers the welcoming warmth of custom Bloomsburg Carpet demonstrates how important each and every visitor is.

Bloomsburg’s plush velvet carpets are equally at home in Rockefeller Center Theater’s iconic art deco grand foyer and intimate luxury home theaters. This driving constant started decades ago by Bloomburg founders is that the industry’s finest creative minds work hand in hand with the skilled craftsmen and carpet designers right at Bloomsburg’s plant.  This combination of creativity and capability is the cornerstone of this American success story.

TUVA-loom-Marl-Rib-carpet AshburyCollection-0482_slideshow
Marl Rib in Salt & Pepper by Tuva Looms
Bloomsburg Carpet at the Surfaces Trade Show

Bloomsburg Carpet at the Surfaces Trade Show

For those in need of a simpler solution or are just not ready to invest in custom carpets, Bloomsburg offers the same quality commercial and residential carpet in thousands of designs and in a variety of color choices ready to ship to you now. TUVA Looms and Silver Creek carpet are Bloomsburg’s answer to contract, commercial, and residential luxury carpet needs.

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